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Processing technology and process of band sawing machine

With the development of the economy, the demand for band sawing machines is increasing day by day. Band saws are suitable for processing factories, tool factories, mold factories to saw carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other non-metallic materials, and can be sawed at any angle. Simple operation, high cost performance, low power loss, small saw seam, saving materials, and high economic benefits. This phenomenon brings certain benefits to the national economy, but for band saw equipment, we require higher quality and craftsmanship.

Manufacturers are currently working on improving the surface treatment technology of specialized saw blades. This technology can greatly reduce the fracture of the saw blade due to metal fatigue. There are many factors that may cause the saw blade to break prematurely, including improper saw band tension, poor or improper adjustment of the saw band guide, incorrect saw band rutting in the saw wheel, and severe saw band between the saw wheel and the guide. distortion.

When this happens, the stress on the saw blade usually appears where breakage may occur. Surface treatment of the saw blade after heat treatment and annealing can greatly reduce the phenomenon of stress fracture of the saw blade. Surface treatment is to add a thin outer layer to the surface of the sawing machine under a certain pressure. After the surface is densified, it is not easy to break. Surface treatment can ensure that each tooth tip forms a stable and smooth surface, which can withstand the impact of cutting and vibration, ensure that the cutting tool is uniformly stressed, and extend its service life, which is a good method.

With the continuous improvement of the quality of band saws, the hardness of the processed materials will become higher and higher, and the production efficiency will become the most important factor for users. At present, the world’s major sawing machine manufacturers are developing next-generation products to meet this demand. Looking to the future, on the one hand, we can optimize the existing technology by launching better products in the band saw production industry, and provide users with saw blades that have a longer service life, straighter and faster cutting than existing products; on the other hand; , The use of advanced surface treatment technology is also an economically feasible method.

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