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CNC Centerless Grinding Machine for Max. Od. 50mm

Machine application:
This machine is controlled by CNC, fully automatic, high safety configuration. Suitable for centerless feed grinding of cylindrical and conical parts, as well as centerless feed grinding of conical and shaped rotating parts (widely used in automotive parts grinding). This machine is suitable for mass production.

Machine configuration and features:
1. Register only. Wheel head feeding.
2. Single side support GW. Spindle. Changing wheels is easy.
3. GW can be equipped with multi-piece dynamic pressure bearing and rolling bearing. Spindle.
4. Double-sided support RW. Spindle.
5.RW adopts high precision rolling bearing. Spindle.
6. The AC variable frequency motor adjusts the RW. Infinitely variable speed.
7. Single-point diamond pen and diamond roller are optional for grinding wheel dressing.
8. The feed and reciprocating drive modes of the grinding wheel dresser are optional.
9. The control system can be selected from Siemens, Fanuk and Mitsubishi.
10. The brands of other purchased parts (ball screw, bearing, inverter, etc.) and auxiliary equipment (balancing system, fire extinguisher, fog collector, LOTO, magnetic separator, electrical cabinet) can be specified by the customer.
11. Can be connected with automatic loading and unloading system.

Technical parameters:

Workpiece diameter: 5~50mm
Max. grinding length for jobs
Thru-feed (standard workrest) 200mm
  Plunge in 145mm
G.W. specification P600×150×305mm
R.W. specification P300×150×177.8mm
G.W. speed 45m/s
R.W. speed (stepless) 10~290r/min
R.W. swiveling angle
In vertical plane -2°~ +5°
In horizontal plane 0°~ +3°
Feeding amount of GW. dresser min.  0.001mm
Main feeding amount min. 0.001mm
The distance between the center line
of GW. and RW. to the bottom of workrest
Total power 22-25kw
Machine overall dimension 3800x2000x2200mm
Net weight 5000kg

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