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6350 drilling and milling machine troubleshooting method

6350 drilling and milling machine table can be moved longitudinally and laterally, the main shaft is arranged vertically, usually for the bench, the head can be up and down, with drilling, milling, boring, grinding, tapping and other cutting functions of machine tools. Spindle box can be rotated 90° in the vertical plane, some models of the table can be rotated 45° in the horizontal plane, most models of the table can be longitudinal automatic knife.

6350 drilling and milling machine is suitable for all kinds of small and medium-sized parts processing, especially non-ferrous metal materials; Plastic; Nylon cutting, has the advantages of simple structure, flexible operation, widely used in single or batch machine manufacturing; Instrument industry; Building decoration and repair Department.

1, drilling and milling machine motor does not rotate, should check whether the wiring is correct, power supply is energized.

2, the radial runout of the spindle is large, abnormal sound appears, there is fever phenomenon, check whether the spindle is loose, adjust the locking nut on the spindle assembly to achieve proper tightness.

3, the whole machine shakes, check whether the motor seat plate and support rod lock nut, screw loose, head, support on the column is clamped, adjust the locking parts to clamped firmly.

4, drilling and milling machine spindle lifting has block and no longer, check whether there is iron debris at the junction of spindle sleeve and gear shaft, whether the spring is tired and relaxed, clean up iron and blood debris, oil, tight spring elastic suitable.

5, drilling and milling machine lifting slide seat lifting is not stable, abnormal noise, workbench movement is not stable. Check whether there is scrap iron in the bevel gear fitting place, whether the inclined iron is loose, clean up the scrap iron, fill oil, adjust the tension of the inclined iron.

6. When the gear box appears abnormal response, stop to check whether the speed change is in place and whether there is a lack of oil.

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