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2022 Advanced Member (Top Ten Quality)

During the CIMT2023 exhibition, the China Machine Tool Industry Association commended and awarded the 2022 Advanced Member (Top Ten) companies. In order to better publicize these member companies, the media department of the association organized a series of special reports on the award-winning companies and their products. The publicity draft of the “Top Ten Independent Innovation” companies has been released before, and then the “Top Ten Best Product Quality” companies will be promoted for reference by the industry, with a view to jointly promoting the improvement of product quality. The manuscript materials come from relevant materials provided by the industry development department of the association and confirmed with relevant enterprises.

Association Media Department

1. Product Highlights
MK1620 high-efficiency CNC end face cylindrical grinder is a product independently developed by Shanghai Machine Tool Works Co., Ltd., which is mainly suitable for processing large quantities of shaft and disk parts in the automotive, aerospace, railway and other industries. The machine tool adopts an integral bed structure and fully enclosed protection; the main shaft of the grinding wheel frame adopts a dynamic and static pressure bearing structure, which has high rigidity; it can adopt FANUC or SIEMENS CNC system; it is equipped with automatic feeding of the grinding wheel frame, rough and fine grinding, automatic dressing of grinding wheels and dressing It has many functions such as automatic compensation, automatic measurement of workpieces and safety interlock of cycle action.

2. The Quality Work and Quality Assurance Measures Carried Out Around the Product
Under the guidance of the core corporate philosophy of “innovation, pragmatism, efficiency, and win-win”, Shanghai Machine Tool Works Co., Ltd. has established the values of “inheritance of precision, innovation and pragmatism, and pursuit of excellence”. The quality concept of “shaping character and manufacturing high-quality products” has been established among employees, and the corporate mission of “sharing grinding results and creating development opportunities” with customers and employees has been formed.

The company has passed the ISO9001 standard certification since 1997, highlighting the thoughts and concepts of “customer satisfaction” and “continuous improvement”. In order to emphasize continuous improvement, continuously improve the quality management level, and meet the requirements of customers, the company has strengthened the quality management work. It conducts internal and external audits of the quality management system every year, and conducts regular management reviews every year. It has persisted until now. Strengthen process discipline inspection and assessment at the production site, and implement the quality function system to all departments.

The company strictly implements GB/T19001-2016 (ISO9001:2015) “Quality Management System Requirements” standard and the company’s quality management requirements for product design and development, manufacturing and sales services, to be based on the ISO19001 quality system requirements, the company’s procedural documents, operating instructions, etc., for the manufacture and production of parts and complete products, to ensure stable product quality to meet the requirements of customers, so that customers can buy with confidence.
The products produced by the company are manufactured and tested according to relevant national standards, industry standards, and enterprise standards. They must pass self-inspection by the enterprise quality assurance department, user-specific inspection, and commissioned third-party inspection.

In order to ensure product quality, in recent years, the company has purchased a batch of testing and measuring equipment, including equipment for measuring the accuracy of straightness and verticality – laser interferometer XL-80, equipment for measuring the dimensional tolerance and shape tolerance of various parts —— three-coordinate measuring machine PMM12106, equipment for measuring roundness and cylindricity, etc. – Cylindricity instrument TR565, equipment for measuring roughness, waviness, etc. – Roughness and profile measuring instrument FTSi200, etc.

3. User Comments on the Product
MK1620 CNC end face cylindrical grinding machine has sold more than 50 units in the past five years, and more than 20 user units, mainly used for precision machining of the outer circle and end face of automobile axles and gear shaft parts. The overall evaluation of the product is very high, the users are satisfied with the overall design, consistency with the user requirements, delivery tools and spare parts, product quality, product price and after-sales service, etc., and can meet the user requirements, many users also expressed their willingness to continue to use the product and purchase again.

For product reliability, users feedback that the product has fewer failures in use, short troubleshooting time, and can be quickly resolved and put back into use. For product stability, the user said that the working accuracy of the product, such as roundness 0.0015mm, longitudinal section internal diameter consistency 0.003mm, external surface roughness Ra0.32µm, end surface roughness Ra0.63µm and other indicators, not only can be achieved before leaving the factory, but also can be maintained after a period of use. For product service, users are satisfied with the quality of service such as on-site installation and commissioning, user training and after-sales spare parts, and can quickly respond to user requirements.

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