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CG32 High Precision Compound Grinder

Product description :

● Provides a complex solution for high-precision grinding of small and medium-sized workpieces.

● Machine tool industry, automotive engineering, tool and mold industry, aerospace industry, pneumatic / hydraulic, electronic /

● Electrical engineering, medical technology, watch industry.

● Modular design, you can choose different grinding wheel spindle combination to fully meet the processing all the requirements.

●The control system interface makes the operation and programming system very simple and easy to learn. The programming software directly programs the workpiece grinding and grinding wheel on the machine control system, it can also be programmed on an external computer.

● It can be equipped with automatic load and unload system to meet the needs of industrialized mass production.

Create A New Revolution In The Grinding Of Compound Grinding Machines!

It can realize one-time clamping and carry out compound grinding of inner circle, inner cone, outer circle, outer cone and end surface

1.Bevel outer cylindrical grinding wheel +inner hole grinding wheel

2.Double outer grinding wheel

3.Double internal grinding wheel

4.lanting outer cylindrical grinding wheel +inner hole grinding wheel

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