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Application of CNC Band Sawing Machine

Band saws are used in woodworking and metal work, as well as in a wide variety of other materials. Its name comes from its blade consisting of a metal band and teeth. This metal belt is placed vertically between two large wheels. Band saws are used to cut irregular shapes. The radius of its sawing curve is determined by the thickness of the blade.

Modern large band saws comprehensively apply advanced technologies such as mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical, so that workers can operate centrally in the control room: equipped with electronic computer program control systems, as well as mechanized log feeding, turning, and finished material unloading devices. Realize highly automated and mechanized sawing operations. Large band saws are used to process logs into specification timber.

Machine tool automatic control system:

1. The fully automatic control man-machine interface controls the working cycle through the cooperation of mechanical, electrical and hydraulic, with automatic feeding, automatic cutting and other systems.

2. In the operating system, it is divided into manual and automatic work, which is controlled by man-machine interface conversion.

3. Two sets of vices are installed on the band sawing machine, the -set is used for clamping when sawing materials, and the automatic feeding is controlled by the other set of vices clamped by the oil cylinder to control the feeding. The feeding length is controlled by the UV-connected travel switch, and it is automatically detected by the grating ruler when feeding.Data control, the PC controller converts the cutting work of the sawing machine, and automatically feeds the material back to the origin.

4. The CNC band sawing machine is suitable for sawing large quantities of materials of the same specification, with stable performance and high efficiency. It can replace 3 times the work efficiency of ordinary sawing machines.

5. The human-machine interface replaces the traditional control panel functions, digital settings, indicator lights, etc., and displays the equipment status, operation instructions, and parameter settings at any time. (Enter the sawing length and the number of sawing on the man-machine interface computer, easily – press the start button to display the LCD screen, after the sawing input is completed, the sawing machine will automatically stop and other functions.

6. The automatic program of the whole process of sawing is set by PLC programmable controller.
7. The feeding length is controlled by grating ruler, the positioning accuracy is high, and the length error is less than 0.30mm.

8. One-way automatic feeding can be controlled by CNC with a length of 400mm. The control system of the Sijin band sawing machine:

Weigai DOP man-machine interface supports the online function of dual communication ports, which can connect two controllers with different communication formats at the same time, and build a multi-machine online network. (5.7 brightness STN LCD display 3MB Flash Memory 256 colors).

9. Feeding length detection Shenzhen Emote grating ruler.

10. The material is clamped by an oil cylinder.

11. Multiple materials can be superimposed for sawing at the same time.

12. The line speed is based on different materials for sawing, and different line speeds are given to achieve different sawing efficiencies.

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