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3/4/5 Axis Control System Vertical Machining Center

specification unit VMC860
Workbench specification mm 1000*550
Workbench min.load kg 600
X/Y/Z axis coordinate schedule mm 800*600*600
Distance between spindle center and column guide surface mm 590
Distance between spindle end face and worktable surface mm 130-660
X/Y/Z largest feed speed mm/min 8000
X/Y/Z largest fast moving speed m/min 48/48/48
The spindle max.speed r/min 8000
The spindle taper hole type BT40
Spindle motor kw 7.5
The workbench T slot mm 5-18*100
Positioning accuracy mm ±0.0075
Repeat positioning accuracy mm ±0.005
Knife library form Disc
Tool magazine capacity Disc:24
Max.tool weight Kg 8
Machine size(L*W*H) mm 2680*2350*2510
Packaged size mm 2830*2500*2710
Machine weight Kg 5500
Packaged weight Kg 6200

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