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Classification of grinders and the meaning of codes in grinder models

Grinder is a machine tool that uses abrasive tools (such as grinding wheels, abrasive belts, oilstones, and abrasives) as tools for grinding. There are many types of grinders. In order to facilitate management and use, our country has formulated relevant standards for the classification of grinders and their model compilation methods. According to the provisions of GB/T 15375-94 “Metal Cutting Machine Tool Model Compilation Method”, grinder machine tools are divided into M, 2M, and 3MZ classifications. The model of the grinder is composed of Chinese pinyin letters and Arabic numerals. Its composition is shown in Figure 2.1. It includes the basic and auxiliary parts of the hydraulic press, separated by a “/” in the middle, pronounced “之”, and the first half is The basic part is managed by the state, and the latter part is the auxiliary part. Whether to include the model is determined by the company.

The meaning of the code in the grinder model
1. Type code and classification code
The code names of grinder-type machine tools include M, 2M and 3M, which are pronounced “grinding”, “second grinding” and “three grinding” respectively.

2. General, structural feature code
The code, meaning and pronunciation of the general features of the machine tool are shown in Table 2.1. There is no uniform requirement for the code of structural characteristics of grinders, which means that there are differences in structural performance of similar machine tools. Generally, it is expressed by a Chinese pinyin letter, but the letters used for general characteristics and the two letters “I” and “O” cannot be used.

3. Group, department code
In order to distinguish the structure and layout of the grinder and the features of the parts that can be processed, each type of grinder can be divided into ten groups “0-9”. In order to distinguish the structural characteristics of the grinder in more detail, the grinder group is subdivided into ten series “0-9”. As shown in Table 2.2, it is the meaning of the group of grinding machine type machine tools such as M, 2M and 3M. The detailed meaning of grinder group code and series code can be found in the appendix.

Table 2.2 Group meaning of grinding machine tools such as 2M, 2M and 13M

M 2M 3M
Group code Name Group code Name Group code Name
1 Instrument grinder 1 Superfinishing 1 Ball bearing ring groove grinder
2 Cylindrical grinder 2 Internal and external honing 2 Roller bearing ring raceway grinder
3 Internal grinder 3 Plane and spherical honing machine 3 Bearing ring superfinishing machine
4 Grinding machine 4 Polishing machine 4 Polishing machine
5 Coordinate grinder 5 Abrasive belt polishing and grinding machine 5 Abrasive belt polishing and grinding machine
6 slideway grinder 6 Tool grinding and grinding machine 6 Tool grinding and grinding machine
7 Tool edge grinder 7 Indexable blade grinder 7 Indexable blade grinder
8 Plane and end grinder 8 Grinding machine 8 Grinding machine
9 Crankshaft, camshaft, spline 9 Other machine tools 9 Other machine tools
10 Shaft and roll grinder

4. Main parameter, second main parameter
The code of the main parameters of the grinder is generally represented by two Arabic numerals, reflecting the parameters of the grinder and the size of the workpiece to be ground, such as the maximum grinding diameter, the width of the worktable, and so on. Two Arabic numerals are the converted values of the main parameter values, and the conversion coefficients are generally l, 1/10, and 1/100. The conversion value of the main parameter value of the foam packaging = the main parameter value X the conversion coefficient. Refer to Appendix 1 for the main parameters and conversion coefficients in the grinder model.

5. Major improvement sequence number
According to the order of improvement, the major improvement sequence numbers are represented by A, B, C, …, and the pronunciation of the English letter itself is read.

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