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Classification of sawing machines

1. Band saw

Band saw is the most popular way of log processing in China. It has occupied the leading position of log processing in China in the past few decades. Band saw processing has the advantages of low requirements for logs, high manual controllability and low mechanical price. However, the production efficiency is low. With the increase of labor wages, the cost of processing one cubic log is also increasing, and there is even a shortage of band Sawers in some developed areas. These have restricted the emergence of professional and large-scale log processing enterprises in China to a certain extent. Most of them are small units of family workshops engaged in primary wood processing.

2. Frame saw

The disadvantage of the frame saw is that it can not be sawed reasonably according to the wood defects. The yield of the finished plate is lower than that of the band saw under the same conditions. It has high requirements for the quality of the log. Before sawing, the processed wood should be graded and sorted. The reciprocating motion of the saw frame produces huge inertia and vibration, increases wear and limits the improvement of cutting speed. Therefore, the production efficiency is also limited.

3. Circular saw

Circular saw multi blade saw represents the most advanced log processing technology in the world. With the development and maturity of circular saw technology, circular saw processing technology will become the mainstream of log processing technology. In developed Europe, circular saw technology has replaced the traditional band saw processing technology.

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