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Cutting fluid concept

Cutting heat, sawing vibration and wear are the three primary factors leading to premature damage and failure of band saw blade. All three will shorten the service life of the band saw blade, resulting in unnecessary cost waste, and users have to spend more on purchasing new saw blades. Avoiding the influence of these factors on band saw blade will help enterprises save human, material and financial resources. Therefore, the rational use of cutting fluid is particularly important

Cutting fluid is an industrial fluid used for cooling and lubrication. When sawing, the band saw blade runs at high speed, and the friction with the workpiece will produce a lot of cutting heat, which will cause the thermal deformation of the workpiece and the band saw blade. The use of cutting fluid can reduce the temperature of the cutting area, reduce this deformation and maintain the hardness of the band saw blade. This is also the reason to choose a band saw blade with better red hardness. In addition, the cutting fluid can form a layer of lubricating “clothes” on the surface of the band saw blade to help the band saw blade cut more smoothly. Through these two functions, the service life of the band saw blade can be effectively prolonged. Moreover, the cutting fluid is also helpful to clean the chips attached to the sawtooth during sawing, so as to prevent the chips from entering the next round of cutting, resulting in the edge collapse of the band saw blade.

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