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Z37 series universal radial drilling machine

Product Description

The Z3732 universal radial drilling machine can rotate 360° on its carriage, and the rocker arm can rotate 360° around the axis of the column. Therefore, the workpiece can be machined at various angles in different positions under one clamping. Of the hole. The spindle feed can be manual or motorized, and can be changed at will. The rocker arm lifting is operated by electrical buttons, which is light and safe. The electrical equipment is complete, with a sensitive master stop button, which can ensure safety during processing.

The Z3732 universal radial drilling machine is a universal radial drilling machine that can perform 360-degree processing in multiple directions and multiple angles. The structure of the Z3732 universal radial drilling machine is that the spindle box is sleeved on the column, and one end of the spindle box passes through The disc is connected to the rocker arm. The main shaft box and the rocker arm are made by interlocking two disc grooves, and then fixed with T-bolts. The outer circumference of the rocker arm disc has an angle dial, and the gear box transmits the power through the light lever. Give the headstock and then transfer the power to the main shaft for operation. The main shaft of the Z3732 universal radial drilling machine can also rotate 360 ​​degrees on the basis of being parallel to the rocker arm. Through the rotation between the various parts, the machine tool can work in any angle and plane. In order to better adjust the level and stability of the machine tool base is equipped with adjusting bolts, which can flexibly and conveniently solve the correction of uneven ground and the level of the machine tool.

The Z3732 universal radial drilling machine has manual lifting, electric lifting, manual feeding, automatic feeding and other types of options. The Z3732 universal radial drilling machine has multi-level speed options. The spindle box has a handwheel for flexible adjustment. The radial radial drilling machine is equipped with a quick lifting device, and the three-phase 360-degree rotation of the machine tool realizes the processing of any plane at multiple angles. Z3732 Universal Radial Drilling Machine is mainly used for drilling, reaming, reaming, scraping, tapping, countersinking, etc. It is widely used in the production of single and batch workpieces such as machinery manufacturing, hardware industry, mining accessories, locomotive repairs, etc. Processing. It is especially suitable for processing irregular shaped parts and oblique holes.

Product Features

● The guide rail, column and box body of Z3732 universal radial drilling machine are made of high-strength cast iron. After the casting, the casting is heat treated to eliminate the internal stress of the casting. The casting that eliminates the internal stress after heat treatment can maintain the stability of the main body of the machine tool, the surface of the column and the guide rail for a long time. Each contact surface is quenched to maintain the hardness of the guide rail and the column, and the machine tool can maintain the accuracy and durability for a long time;

● The electrical and motor of Z3732 radial drilling machine adopt national standard grade. Under the control of national standard grade electrical, the machine tool is more energy-saving and safe to run for longer;

● The rotating gear of the main shaft box is precision ground and carburized and quenched. The gear box runs with low noise and good transmission force;

● Domestic Harbin bearings are selected for each rolling component bearing, and the whole machine tool can perform high-speed cutting;

● The main shaft box adopts the internal circulation lubrication of the automatic oil supply system, and the gears and bearings are fully lubricated, which solves the shortcomings of insufficient lubrication of the top gears of the traditional lubrication method;
● The main shaft is equipped with a travel protection switch, which solves the problem of damage to the main shaft or gear when the main shaft is fed to the top when the worker misuses or automatically feeds;

● Column safety locking device switch, automatic lifting can automatically cut off power when workers forget to loosen the locking device, which can well protect the column from being strained and the turbine and worm from slipping;

● The lead screw is made of a brand manufacturer, and it is produced and processed in strict accordance with the tempering, quenching and other lead screw processing techniques. The lead screw produced by the special lead screw processing equipment is precision ground by a grinder, and the service life is twice that of the ordinary lead screw. The nut is a brass nut with good wear resistance and precision.

● The Z3732 universal radial drilling machine has undergone strict product quality accuracy screening from rough casting, parts procurement, and supplier selection. Each process has been strictly inspected to ensure the overall accuracy requirements of the machine tool when it leaves the factory.

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