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Advantages of Shanghai ANTS band sawing machine

Shanghai ANTS focuses on taking the road of high-precision scientific and technological innovation, becoming a leader in China’s sawing machine industry, and a pioneer in the world’s sawing machine manufacturing. Research the development of sawing processing technology and related processing technology, and commit to the application of new concepts, new thinking and new technologies.

After 20 years of technical accumulation, through continuous reform and innovation, forge ahead, Shanghai ANTS has successfully developed and designed a series of CNC sawing machines, automatic band sawing machines, metal band sawing machines, intelligent band sawing machines, high-speed band sawing machines, automatic sawing machines, sawing machine saw blades , intelligent metal cutting machine, metal circular saw, cutting machine, metal sawing and other equipment, all have advanced sawing technology and superb sawing ability.

The sawing machine products developed and designed by Shanghai ANTS are deeply trusted by customers and are exported to more than 20 countries and regions such as the United States, Germany, Italy, India, Thailand, and Russia, and have established a complete sales channel and service network in many countries. At the same time, it has the characteristics of rich experience, excellent manufacturing and professional service in the same industry in China.

Band sawing machine is a new technology processing equipment that saves energy and material, not only can save metal materials and reduce energy consumption. Not only that, the band sawing machine produced by Shanghai ANTS also has the following features and advantages:

1.Good work efficiency, stable work performance, firm jaw clamping, smooth cutting, and neat section.
2.The sawing machine has a reasonable and compact structure, effectively extending the service life of the saw belt, economical and practical, and cost-effective.
3.High-performance worm gear reducer, strong power, high reliability, precise balance correction, reduce noise, reduce vibration.
4.Optional electric roller racks can quickly realize the movement and positioning of work pieces, reduce the labor intensity of handling and improve work efficiency.

China’s sawing machine manufacturing started from scratch and has gone through a course of half a century. In the favorable environment of the country’s sustained and rapid development of the economy, Shanghai ANTS seized the opportunity to continuously expand the production capacity of sawing machines, and its market sales ranked first in the country. It has become a leader in the domestic machine tool equipment industry.

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