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Operating Regulations of CNC Drilling Machine

1. Before work, carefully check whether the grid voltage, oil pump, lubrication, and oil volume are normal, whether the pressure of the gown, cooling, oil pipes, cutters, and fixtures are intact, and perform regular maintenance of the machine tool.

2. After the machine is energized and started, first perform the mechanical zero-return operation, and then test run for 5 minutes, confirm the correctness of the machinery, tools, fixtures, workpieces, CNC parameters, etc., before starting to work normally.

3. Carefully check whether the programming, parameter setting, sequence of actions, tool interference, workpiece clamping, switch protection and other links are completely correct, so as to avoid accidents, damage to tools and related parts during cycle processing. Strictly follow the operating procedures for trial cutting and tool setting, and program protection must be done after commissioning.

4. During automatic cycle processing, the protective sliding door should be closed. When the main shaft is rotating and manual operation is required, be sure to keep your body and clothing away from traveling and moving parts to avoid getting involved in the clothing and causing accidents.

5. The loading operation of the spindle or turret tool magazine must be carried out when the mechanical movement is stopped, and attention should be paid to the cooperation between the cooperating personnel to avoid accidents. When changing tools manually or automatically, pay attention to the installation positions of the turret, tool magazine, robotic arm rotation, and tools. Keep your body and head away from the rotating part of the tool to avoid injury. For machining center machine tools, attention should also be paid to checking the correspondence between the tool magazine number and the tool number to prevent the confusion of the tool magazine tool numbers from causing interference by the tool or accidents of tool collision during machining.

6. The workpiece should be clamped firmly to avoid accidents caused by the workpiece flying out. After the clamping is completed, pay attention to take out the chuck wrench and other adjustment tools to avoid accidents caused by the rotation of the spindle.

7. The operator of the machine tool should be able to deal with general alarm failures. If a serious failure occurs, the power should be cut off quickly, and the site should be protected, reported in time, and recorded.

8. After the work is completed, the machine tool rails and workbench should be wiped clean, and the work log should be filled in carefully.

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