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Daily maintenance of CNC lathe

The operating environment of CNC lathe (such as temperature, humidity, oscillation, power supply voltage, frequency and interference) will affect the normal operation of the machine tool. Therefore, when installing the machine tool, it shall be strictly required to meet the installation conditions and requirements specified in the text description of the machine tool. If the economic conditions permit, the digital control lathe shall be installed separately from the ordinary machining facilities, so as to facilitate the maintenance, protection and maintenance of the CNC machine tool.

When the CNC lathe is not in use, it should often be powered on by the digital control system to make it run empty when the machine tool is locked. In the rainly season with high air humidity, power should be turned on every day, and the heat of electrical components should be used to drive away the moisture in the digital control cabinet, so as to ensure the stable and reliable performance of electronic devices. These persons holding positions should know the mechanical parts, digital control system, strong current facilities, hydraulic pressure, atmospheric pressure and other parts of the machine tool used, as well as the application background and processing conditions, and be able to accurately use the CNC Lathe according to the requirements of the written description of the machine tool and system.

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