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ANTISHI Machine EQUIPMENT Company successfully exported a 330B Fully Automatic PLC Control Horizontal Straight Cutting Bandsaws (New Generation) to Ukraine client

Reported by: Caro           Date: Sep,21th, 2023

Recently, our company successfully exported a 330B Fully Automatic PLC Control Horizontal Straight Cutting Band Saw Machine (New Generation) to a company in Ukraine.

The client company mainly produces hydraulic cylinders, which are used in agricultural, road construction, municipal and other equipment. The activities of the plant are aimed at the design and manufacture of high-quality hydraulic cylinders. Since the company’s products are required to meet all necessary characteristics and standards, and because they must choose high-quality equipment, personnel and materials, it also led to him being very strict in selecting suppliers. After two months of communication, , the customer chose the Shanghai ANTISHI team among many suppliers. This was his second purchase of a 330B fully automatic metal cutting band saw machine.

ANTISHI New Generation 330B Fully Automatic PLC Control Horizontal Straight Cutting Band Saw Machine sawing speed increased by 50%, saw blade life increased by 50%,machining accuracy increased by 50%, equipment life increased by 50% , this is the outstanding equipment that customer looking for.

At present, the metal bandsaw machine is on the way of heading to Ukraine . I hope that the metal band sawing machine of the ANTISHI brand can be put into the customer’s production site as soon as possible,improve efficiency and accuracy for customers.

Producer Shanghai ANTS Machine Equipment Co.,LTD Brand ANTISHICNC Origin country Shanghai, China
Product Name Metal band saw Model No. 330B Export Country Ukraine
Customer Introduction Since 2010, the customer’s factory has been designing and manufacturing hydraulic cylinders for agricultural machinery, special equipment, municipal equipment and industrial equipment. The hydraulic cylinders are manufactured according to customer drawings or samples. The company’s production capacity exceeds 10,000 square meters, allowing customers to To produce hydraulic cylinders of any complexity with the help of equipment, customers have the NEW Generation equipment such as Shanghai ANTISHI 330B fully automatic metal band sawing machine and other time-tested machines to improve the quality of their products.
Equipment Application The ANTISHI company GZ Series PLC control fully automatic metal cutting bandsaw machine is a robust, modern-to-use workshop saw for precise sawing of medium diameters. All operating switches are clearly grouped on a touchscreen and control panel. The machine aims to the fully-automatic control as it’s main feature. Using PLC touch screen panel, you can regulate the saw frame feed, steplessly adjust the saw blade speed and machine the work-piece hydraulically. The robust automatic material feed does not need any electronics or programming and still offers high repeat and dimensional accuracy.

GZ series band saws, which are designed for straight cuts in larger work-pieces made of steel, cast iron and other metals. The rigid dual column frame is extremely stable and the main drive is via low-maintenance V-belts. The work-piece clamping and the stroke of the saw frame are driven hydraulically.

Equipment Picture

Application Picture

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330 fully automatic PLC control horizontal cutting bandsaws

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