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Automatic stainless steel pipe cylindrical Grinding Machine Manufacturer

CNC polishing machine control system

1. The round tube polishing machine has high efficiency, good finish, and extensive and durable abrasive tools.

2. The machine has the characteristics of simple and convenient operation, stable product performance, low noise, etc., and is well received by users. The product adopts optional cooling system and dust collection and dust removal system to meet the needs of different industries. Users who have reserved fan ports for this machine can also install the dust removal fan by themselves.

3. The rotation of the machine guide wheel adopts stepless speed regulation, which can better meet the grinding or polishing of workpieces of different diameters and different lengths. Due to the stepless speed regulation method used for the rotation of the guide wheel of the machine tool, the workpiece efficiency is higher, the finish is better, and the abrasive consumables are extensive and durable.

Technical Parameter
Outer Dimension
7600*1200*1800 mm
2500 kg
Input Power
8.9 KW
Work Piece Size
40 – 500mm
6000 mm
3 – 10 mm
Surface Roughness
Ra ≤ 0.25 μm (mirror finished)

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