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Classification and Use of Saw Blade Layers of High-speed Circular sawing Machine

The circular saw blade is an important part of the circular saw, and the service life of the saw blade directly affects the cost. Of course, the surface coatings of high-speed circular saw blades are also different. Each coating has its own special effects. Below, we will briefly introduce the surface coatings and uses of high-speed circular saw blades.

1. High-speed Circular Saw Blade Oxidized Coating

A layer of oxide layer (Fe3O4) is formed on the surface of the high-speed steel saw blade after steam treatment. This saw blade has good surface smoothness, which helps to enhance the lubricating ability of the saw blade, and the phenomenon that the saw blade is stuck by the material can basically be avoided. , The ability of cooling absorption is better, but compared with other coated saw blades, the cutting workpiece is relatively less. This is the most commonly used saw blade.

High Speed Steel Saw Blade – Oxidized Coating Technical Parameters:

Coating thickness: about 5-10 microns

Surface hardness: about 900HV

Friction coefficient: 0.65

2. High-speed Circular Saw Blade Titanium Coating

After the high-speed steel saw blade is treated with PVD nitrogen and titanium, the service time can be greatly improved and the surface hardness of the saw blade can be enhanced. The low thermal conductivity of the coating can protect the saw blade from local overheating, reduce the friction coefficient, and effectively avoid chip jamming. The saw blade takes advantage of the high oxidation temperature of this coating and some corresponding characteristics. Compared with the saw blade without coating, the titanium-coated saw blade can increase the cutting speed and feed speed by 50%, which not only shortens the cutting time, but also reduces the cutting speed. It also reduces the number of replacements of the saw blade and increases the service life of the saw blade.

High-speed steel saw blade – titanium coating technical parameters:

Coating thickness: about 2-4 microns

Surface hardness: about 2200-2400HV

Oxidation temperature: 600℃

Friction coefficient: 0.55

3. High-speed Circular Saw Blade Purple blue coating

The high-speed steel saw blade treated with multi-layer PVD coating has a very low friction coefficient, which is suitable for use in fine machining at high cutting speeds, and also largely avoids chip jamming. It is suitable for cutting metal materials that are not easy to cut, such as copper alloy cutting, titanium alloy cutting, and cutting of materials with particularly frequent bonding. The extremely high surface hardness enables the saw blade to perform high-speed cutting work. Compared with other uncoated saw blades, the feed rate can be increased by 100%, which increases the service life of the saw blade. The workpiece surface cut by the saw blade is very smooth, and the saw blade is more wear-resistant and has a longer service life. High-speed steel saw blade-purple blue coating technical parameters:

Coating thickness: about 5 microns

Surface hardness: about 3000-3300HV

Oxidation temperature: 450℃

Friction coefficient: 0.25

The surface coating of the high-speed circular saw blade greatly improves the work efficiency of the circular saw machine, greatly reduces the cost of the enterprise, and also makes the service life of the circular saw blade longer.

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