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Assembly of lathe three jaw chuck

First, there is a certain taper between the chuck and the spindle. The connection is to use 6 hexagon socket bolts near the center. To install and replace the chuck, use an hexagon socket wrench to remove the 6 screws.

Second. The connection between the chuck and the spindle is fastened by the half cylinder behind the chuck and the half cylinder in the spindle. The installation and replacement is to use the chuck key to rotate the half cylinder in the main shaft, which is in a 90 degree engagement and fastening position with the column in the chuck. Yes, installation and replacement are relatively simple.

Third. This is also the most common form of connection between chuck and spindle. For installation or replacement, loosen the nut, and then rotate the disc at the spindle position a little distance. The three claws with connecting screw can be removed or installed.

Fourth. The chuck is directly connected with the main shaft by thread. This form of connection is relatively stable. Installation and replacement. Like removing the nut, clockwise needle rotation is to install it. Counterclockwise is the removal.

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