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Introduction to Vertical Drilling Machine Processing

The structure of vertical drilling machine:

1, speed regulating motor, 2, drill feed system, 3, transmission pulley, 4, belt, 5, cast iron pedestal, etc.

Repair technology of vertical drilling machine column

(1) The surface of the column, especially if there are bite marks on the surface of the guide rail, and the depth of the scribe is between 0.3 and 0.5 mm, it should be finely planed and then scraped and ground. It can also be repaired by cold cast iron welding or inlay welding.

(2) If the error of the straightness, parallelism and perpendicularity of each guide surface exceeds 0.2mm or more, it should be scraped after fine planing.

The straightness of the surface of each guide rail can be ground and scraped with a flat plate, and the angle ruler and contact points (8~10 points/25mm×25mm) can be used to ensure; , scraped to (300:0.03) mm.

Types of Parts Machined by Vertical and Radial Drills

The tools used are the same, and the vertical drill also uses No. 6 Mohs, and the power reaches 12KW.

The difference is that the vertical drill is suitable for machining parts with small size and simple hole system, because its main shaft cannot be moved.Therefore, only workpieces that are easy to load and unload can be processed.

The spindle of the radial drill can be moved arbitrarily within the working range, so it is suitable for processing large parts with complex hole system and complex size.

To sum up, the vertical drill has high efficiency and the radial drill has strong versatility.

Vertical drilling machine operation rules and maintenance

1. The “General Operating Regulations for Gold Cutting Machine Tools” and this regulation should be carefully observed

2. Before the machine tool works, adjust the tool box and worktable to the required positions, and then fix them.

3. Before tapping the thread, the striker must be loosened and adjusted to the required depth of the threaded hole so that it is aligned with the scale on the dial and tightened. When drilling large holes, it must be drilled in 2-3 times.

4. When working, pay attention to whether the drill bit will damage the work surface after passing through the workpiece.

5. If the workpiece and the worktable rotate at the same time during the working process, the workpiece should not be held by hand, and should be stopped immediately.

6. When getting off work, remove the props, turn off the power, and do a good job in the maintenance of the machine tool.

7. Strictly implement the “shift shift” system for equipment.

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