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Briefly talk about the daily maintenance of the grinder

The grinder should have a dedicated person responsible for maintenance and use, and regular maintenance to ensure that the machine is in good condition.

1. After the operation is completed, all parts of the machine, especially the sliding parts, should be wiped clean and oiled.

2. Remove grinding debris from various parts of the grinder.

3. Anti-rust on necessary parts.

Use the above grinder maintenance precautions

1. Before the grinding machine grinds, please correct the balance of the grinding wheel.

2. The grinding wheel must be carefully selected according to the material and hardness of the work piece.

3. The spindle end of the grinder and the flange of the grinding wheel should be coated with a thin oil film to prevent rust.

4. Please pay attention to the direction of spindle rotation.

5. It is forbidden to use air guns to clean work objects and machines.

6. Please pay attention to whether the oil channel of the oil window is smooth.

7. Vacuum dust box, filter steel, please clean it once a week.

8. When the suction power is weak, please check whether the dust suction pipe is blocked by dust.

9. The grinder must keep the dust suction pipe clean, otherwise it will cause burning.

Maintenance of grinder sucker
The surface of the permanent magnet-cast chuck or electromagnetic chuck is the basis for determining whether the grinding accuracy of the work object can be obtained, and should be properly maintained and maintained. If the accuracy of the work object is poor or the surface of the disk is damaged, the surface of the disk must be ground again. The accuracy of the disk surface meets the requirements to ensure the accuracy of the work object.

Maintenance of grinder lubrication system
The lubricating oil is replaced after one month of initial use, and every 3-6 months thereafter. There is an oil drain plug under the oil tank, which can be used. Please also note that when changing the oil, clean the inside of the grinder tank and the filter together.

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