Special Sawing Machine

BS Series Manual Scissors Sawing Machine

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Product features:

• High precision linear guide design

• Heavy duty cast iron rotating center with straight and bevel cutting (60 degrees)

• Gearbox is designed to withstand high lateral pressure (without thermal deformation)

• Adjustable flood coolant system

• Motor driven synchronous brush

• Carbide blade guides and bearings provide additional blade support

• Cast iron guide arm

• Cast iron hydraulic vice that moves synchronously with the guide arm


Main Technical Parameter

BS-270 BS-300

Angle Range

+45° +60° +45° +60°

Round material cutting range(mm)

226 144 88 226 144 88

Rectangular material cutting range(mm)

152 x 240 144 x 208 88x 177 152 x 240 144 x 208 88x 177
锯带速度(Blade Speed) 60Hz: 0.635-12.7m/s; 125 – 250 FPM 60Hz: 0.635-12.7m/s; 125 – 250 FPM
锯带尺寸[Blade Size (LxWxT)] 2479 x 25.4x 0.88mm 2479 x 25.4x 0.88mm
主电机功率(Main Motor) 1.1KW(1.5 HP) 1.1KW(1.5 HP)
冷却泵电机功率(Coolant Motor) 0.09KW(1/8 HP) 0.09KW(1/8 HP)
工作台高度(Workbed Height) 910mm 914mm
重量(Weight) 249kg(550 lbs) 249kg(550 lbs)
Floorspace (LxWxH) 1346 x711 x 1325mm 1346 x711 x 1325mm

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