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How to deal with the oil leakage of the surface grinder

With the development of society, the lives of Chinese citizens will be very different from now. The gradual deepening of mechanization is a definite development trend, and the surface grinders that have important effects in the machining process must also be developed to a certain extent. At present, in many factories, surface grinders are used as workpiece processing machine tools. Because of its higher performance, it is also the fastest variety developed at the current level.

Flat grinding is the machine with the greatest development potential among the grinding machine tools. In addition to the traditional surface grinding function, it can evolve into an outer circle, curve, Grinding machines for things, unintentional, etc. Now let’s talk about how to deal with the oil leakage of the surface grinder?

1. The dust-proof sheet metal at both ends of the workbench leaks oil. Generally, the surface grinder is not carefully assembled. The screws that fix the dust-proof sheet metal penetrate the two ends of the guide rail, and the oil leaks directly from the guide rail. The solution is to wrap the surface grinder screws with raw tape. Go in again with the dense glue.

2. The oil volume adjustment is too large. After opening the oil tank cover, use a flat-blade screwdriver to adjust the oil valve switch respectively. Clockwise is to decrease, and vice versa is to increase. Generally, the oil volume is controlled by tightening clockwise and then turning. Just loose 1/4. The oil groove on the wear plate of the guide rail surface grinder is not opened well, it is opened too shallow or not in place, and the oil cannot go and overflows from the side. It should be opened from the beginning; the oil hole is blocked, the oil is forced out of the guide rail, and the oil hole is generally blocked. The oil is too sticky or dirty. Replace the oil type or clean up the oil passage. If it is an old surface grinder, the guide rail is usually too dirty and the oil passage is blocked. Just clean up and change the oil.

3. Oil leakage from the front and rear screw rods. If it is a new surface grinder leaking oil, it is usually because the front and rear elastic sheaths of the screw rod are not installed properly, the screws at both ends are not locked or the sealant is not well laid. If it is an old surface grinder, replace the wire. Rod sheath, sealant from scratch.

Surface grinders can produce daily-needed and used items and abrasive tools, etc., for example: the things on computers that we often come into contact with, the usual abrasive tools are processed by surface grinders. So in a word, the effect of the surface grinder is to grind and process some mold parts, and the mold is produced by some of the commonly used items in our daily life. Therefore, our life is inseparable from the processing of the mold, and the processing of the mold cannot be separated from the surface grinder.

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