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CNC Lathe Production and Processing Applications

A good mechanical equipment process engineer, must be a good application engineer, production equipment of mechanical manufacturing various types of production equipment, production processing and application field, structure characteristics, machining accuracy is very accurate and adequate grasp, also can the fusion of enterprise own concrete details of machinery and equipment, For a variety of different production and processing parts and production and processing process to carry out effective reasonable layout and distribution of machinery and equipment, make clear of their own production and processing advantages, but also clear of their own production and processing shortcomings, can be very good to complement each other to comprehensive enterprise machining and manufacturing work.

Now, everyone is common for mechanical processing and manufacturing field of several kinds of production equipment to do a about analysis and grasp, make us up from rationality of the production equipment of this field has a relative definition of clear and bright, also can come up from the basic theory on the analysis of all kinds of production equipment to carry out a certain, Facilitate in the future work can be stronger integration of practical activities, and then further specific guidance in everyone’s work, boost everyone’s work.

Everyone’s detailed introduction closely around the mechanical processing and manufacturing field of Z universal car, milling, planing, grinding, boring, drilling, line cutting and other production equipment points to discuss, and for this kind of production equipment, application fields, structural characteristics and processing accuracy to do further detailed discussion, below into the theme.

1, CNC Lathe Machine

1) Types of CNC lathes

CNC lathe types are very many, according to the statistical analysis of a mechanical processing and manufacturing process engineer guide as many as 77 kinds, more typical categories are: Instrument lathe, biaxial nc grinding machine, multi-axis fully automatic or half CNC grinding machine, wheel or CNC punch press numerical control lathe, engine crankshaft and camshaft, CNC lathe, CNC vertical lathe, console and horizontal lathe, duplicating, and multiple blade tenon roller spindle cars, shaft and relieving the numerical control lathe, in which it is divided into many small and medium-sized category, the total number of, In the machinery manufacturing industry is more common CNC vertical lathe and horizontal lathe, basically there are machining manufacturing areas can see the shadow of these two CNC lathes.

2) CNC lathe production and processing applications

We key select several types of typical CNC lathe types to detail the application of production and processing.

A, horizontal lathe, can be used for milling internal and external round surface, conical surface, forming rotary surface and annular groove, milling cross section and A variety of external thread, can carry out drilling, drilling, boring, tapping external thread, set external thread and extruding tap and other technological processes of production and processing. Despite the general low degree of automation technology of horizontal lathe, the auxiliary time also in the process of production is more, but because of its widespread production processing category and good generality features, the types of numerical control lathe in machining manufacturing gained widespread use and diffusion, is everybody machinery manufacturing for one of the typical symbolic production equipment, It is also one of the essential production equipment in the field of mechanical processing and manufacturing.

CNC vertical lathe, apply various sound card frame, shell parts production and processing, production and processing of various parts are also applicable to the internal and external cylindrical surface, conical surface, inner hole, pipe trench, disconnect and drilling, expanding, boring, such as production and processing, with additional equipment will also be able to complete outside thread, interior hole, forming, cutting and cutting production and processing process.

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