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Universal Grinder Polishing Grinding Machine for Sale

CNC Series Surface Grinding Machine
·External hydraulic device to ensure low temperature rise and stable power supply
·Automatic central lubrication device
·It is very easy to set up automatic grinding program, including roughing, finishing and sparkout strokes
·Precision grinding spindle requires no maintenance and is supported by preloaded high precision angular bearings
·The machine is designed to run continuously at maximum speed, very quiet operation, and maximum accuracy
·The machine bed, workbench, and column are all high-quality castings, which provide a solid foundation for grinding. The chute adopts tf wear-resistant material and is scrapped by hand.

Technical Parameters

Model No. Unit  FSG-50100NC  FSG-50160NC
table size (W×L) mm 500×1000(19.69″×39.37″)  500×1600(19.69″×62.99″)
max. grinding size (W×L) mm  500×1000(19.69″×39.37″)  500×1600(19.69″×62.99″)
max. distance from table to spindle center  mm  600(23.62″)
magnetic chuck size (optional equipment) mm  500×1000×1(19.69″×39.37″×1) 500×1600×2(19.69″×62.99″×2)
speed of table longitudinal move  m/min 5~25(0.20″~0.98″)
auto intermittent feed mm/t  1~20(0.039″~0.79″)
rapid speed  mm/min 50~1500(1.97″~59.06″)
feed of MPG mm/div 0.005(0.000197″)
auto feed mm/t 0.005, 0.01, 0.02, 0.03, 0.04(0.000197″, 0.00039″, 0.00079″, 0.0012″, 0.0016″)
rapid speed mm/min 50~500(1.97″~19.69″)
feed of MPG  mm/div 0.005(0.000197″)
gindwheel size mm 355×(20~50)×127(13.98″×(0.79″~1.97″)×5.00″)
motor of spindle kW 7.5
package size  cm 399×225×228  564×225×228
G.W. kg 5500 6000

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