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How to install guide rails in gantry machining center

The gantry machining center is different from the vertical machining center and the horizontal machining center. Its main characteristics are its large volume and long processing stroke. The installation based on this guide rail is not unimportant. At present, the gantry type CNC machine tool widely used in the machinery manufacturing industry, the cross beam hard rail will use two cast iron guide rails or one cast iron guide rail and one inlaid steel guide rail. This method requires the rail surface to be quenched after the beam is finished milling, while the general machine tool production Manufacturers do not have quenching equipment and need to be transported to heat treatment manufacturers for long processing cycles. In addition, after quenching, the cast iron guide rail is prone to quenching cracks. In severe cases, the beam will be scrapped and the risk is high. For the installation of steel rails, manufacturers generally use copper or steel plugs to plug the screw counterbores after tightening the screws, and use positioning keys or pins to locate the steel rails. The disadvantages of this are:

1. The price of copper plug is relatively high, which will increase the production cost of the machine tool, but the hardness is low, and it is easy to shoot the screw counterbore; the steel plug has high hardness and the machining diameter tolerance is not guaranteed to cause the counterbore to fail.

2. Use positioning keys to locate the steel guide rail, which is inconvenient for positioning and installation, and large beams are processed, which requires higher processing; using pin positioning, the hardened steel guide rail has high hardness and is not easy to implement.
In another preferred embodiment, a gap is left around the flat key and the key groove.Including two steel-inlaid guide rails arranged vertically in front of the beam to avoid the phenomenon of quenching cracks in cast iron guide rails; the positioning of the steel-inlaid guide rail on the beam is in the form of glue and ordinary flat keys, avoiding the use of hardened steel The trouble caused by the positioning of the pins on the guide rail and the increased processing requirements of the beam caused by the key positioning make the operation more convenient; after the steel-inlaid guide rail is fixed on the beam with screws, use the knurled steel plug to insert the screw sink Hole, convenient, efficient and low cost. This method can be widely used on numerically controlled machine tools, and the glue-filling positioning method can be applied to guide rails and any mechanism that requires positioning without repeated disassembly and assembly.

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