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CNC external cyclone milling machine

Item Specifications WXK630×2000 Unit
Machine tool use Machining trapezoidal threads


Machining workpiece gauge


Workpiece length specifications 2000 mm
Maximum milling length 1500 mm
Machining workpiece diameter range 400-630 mm
Screw rotation arbitrary



High-strength overall bed
Bed width 1100 mm
Bed rail type Four rails


Cyclone milling head



Milling head motor Inverter motor
Milling head motor power 11.0 Kw
Rated speed of milling head motor 1500 r/min
Milling head reduction ratio 1:5
Maximum cutter diameter 360 mm
Cutter shaft diameter Φ60 (key 14) mm



Tailstock spindle diameter Φ 130 mm
Maximum stroke of tailstock sleeve 100 mm
Tailstock sleeve mounting taper hole Mohs 6#
Number of servo control axes Workpiece rotating bedside C axis
Bed saddle Z axis
Slip board X-axis
GSK control system 25i




C axis

C-axis motor 30 Nm
C-axis drive type Worm gear China
C-axis transmission ratio 1 :60
C-axis speed 0-25 r/min
C-axis chuck specifications K72-400-A28 China



X-axis motor 18 Nm
X-axis ball screw specifications 5010 China
X-axis guide rail sub-type 55° dovetail


Z axis

Z-axis motor 30 Nm
Z-axis ball screw specifications 6310 China
Z-axis bed saddle rail sub-type Mountain rail + flat rail

Chip removal machine

Type Chain plate type
Cooling water pump for chip removal machine High pressure water pump


Electrical system

Air switch Delixi
Contactor Delixi
relay Delixi


Power parameters

Three-way five-wire system Three firewire + zero wire + ground wire
voltage 380 V
power 28 Kw
Machine tool dimensions (4500+ 1500) ×2000×2100
Machine weight ≈9.0 Ton

1. The machine tool system using GSK system.Forming knife processing.
2. The machine tool adopts four guide rails, which have high rigidity and good wear resistance.The bed saddle guide rail adopts a 55° dovetail guide rail, which has high positioning accuracy, fast moving response, and no crawling phenomenon at low-speed feed.
3. The lubrication of the machine tool guide rail adopts a centralized intermittent special lubrication pump for lubrication, and the lubrication is timely.
4. The feed shaft [Z-axis, X-axis] adopts precision ball screws, which are driven by servo motors, with high transmission accuracy and good positioning accuracy.
5. The C-axis of the main shaft of the headboard adopts servo motor + worm gear structure.The spindle is equipped with a four-jaw chuck to facilitate the correction of the workpiece.
6. The machine tool is equipped with an external cyclone milling head, and the milling head motor adopts a high-power frequency conversion motor.The outer cyclone milling head adjusts the angle through the worm gear structure and locks it manually.(The outer cyclone milling head is equipped with an angle meter to ensure the angle of the cutter)
7. The machine tool is equipped with a support frame.
8. The feeding method of the tailstock sleeve is manual feeding, which is convenient for disassembling the workpiece.The movement of the tailstock is manually locked by mechanical feed.
9. This machine tool is equipped with a chip removal machine to facilitate chip removal. The chip removal machine is equipped with a high-pressure water pump, which realizes the lubrication and cooling effect through forced cooling during processing.
10. The electrical components in the machine tool electrical control cabinet are all made of Delixi brand.
11. The machine tool is equipped with a fully enclosed protective cover.
12. Machine tool color, machine tool gray. Two kinds of white.

Standard Equipment

No. Name Brand
1 CNC system GSK
2 bearing Harbin
3 Four-jaw chuck Global
4 Ball screw Bot
5 Worm gear Dekai
6 Milling head motor Shanghai haoqi
7 Chip removal machine Yanshan
8 Machine tool protection Yanshan
9 Electrical parts Delixi

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