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How do radial drilling machine enterprises break through the market downturn?

Recently, the weather is hot, and the market of radial drilling machine in this period is not very good, so some people always complain that “it is another off-season, and the market is bleak”. In the off-season, for those manufacturers who are struggling and confused, what should they do and how should they carry out marketing? This year’s market has ushered in the off-season. What are the main reasons? Taken together, the reason why the radial drilling machine market is weak this year is as follows: the competition in the industry is becoming more and more fierce; This year’s market industry is overvalued, and the pressure on both manufacturers and distributors is increasing; The rise of RMB exchange rate has a great impact on exports; The rising cost of manpower; Some small manufacturers in the market have no core competitiveness and weak viability. So how to break through? Rich industry experience, stable customer base, mature marketing network, flexible business model, sustainable financial ability and the ability to provide technical support to customers, etc. are the important characteristics of excellent manufacturers. If you want to stand out from many manufacturers, you must first choose a suitable product line. Secondly, the maintenance of customer relationship; Finally, the building of the sales force. In the current off-season, there are still some manufacturers who are not affected by the off-season, and their performance is booming. Shanghai Antishi is one of them. Shanghai An Tishi thinks that the off-season is a good period for the internal adjustment of enterprises. During this period, we should grasp the problem of funds and make internal adjustments, such as the improvement of the whole production and sales process and the selection of talents, so as to make full use of the off-season. In this way, when the peak season comes, the company will be able to operate better and better cope with the possible market opportunities in the follow-up. The radial drilling machine market has both off-season and peak-season, which is also in line with the normal market rules. For the vast number of manufacturers, the off-season may be a good time for enterprises to cultivate their internal strength, find the right position of enterprises, and constantly dig deep into the needs of customers to create greater value for them.

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