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Linear Guideway Vertical Machining Center

Product Description
China Linear Guideway Vertical Machining Center Vmc850 with Fanuc GSK
Features of VMC 850
1.Disc type manipulator ATC efficiently improves machine working efficiency.
2.XYZ-axis adopts precision roller linear guide-way, which is with big load capacity, realize rapid movement, and ensure position accuracy.
3.Ultra-large “” type column design ensure best stability of column and spindle assembly.
4.Built- – in type and high rigidity
spindle ensure high precision and high efficiency cutting features.
5.Wide and solid bed and thickened and lengthened saddle ensure machine with high stability andheavy-duty cutting features.
6.XYZ- -axis adopts precision double -nut ball-screwtransmission, and imported special bearing, pre-load assembly, all factor sorganize high rigidity and stable ransmissin system.

Vertical machining center VMC850 
1 Model VMC 850
3 Voltage 380V 50HZ 3PH
4 Spindle Taiwan spindle BT40/10000RPM (highest speed 10000rpm)
5 Axis X,Y axis Taiwan or Germany linear guide ways and Z axis Harden box type
6 Leadscrew Taiwan or Germany ball screws
7 Tool magazin Taiwan round type tool magazine with 24 tools
8 Bearing Germany FAG bearings
9 Linear guideway Taiwan linear guideway
10 Other configuration spindle blowing chip removal system
spindle air curtain protection
auto centralized lubrication system
rigid tapping
two water cooling, one air cooling
electrical hand wheel,  working lamp,  RS232 interface,   alarm light
DNC online processing
CE Electrical

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