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CNC High Speed Sawing Machine

CNC high-speed circular sawing machine is a special equipment for producing aluminum alloy square bars and cutting them into blocks. This equipment is mainly used for sawing and processing of aluminum alloy sheets, and has the remarkable characteristics of high reliability, high sawing efficiency, low operating cost, complete safety protection functions, and sufficient static and dynamic rigidity. The most advanced technology is adopted to ensure the good dynamic quality of the system. The machine tool is easy to use, operate and maintain, with beautiful appearance and excellent after-sales service.

Design concept and function:
1. The mechanical frame adopts heavy-duty structure, and the equipment runs smoothly.
2. The sawing foundation is in a horizontal suspension structure; the device is provided with double-row roller linear slide rails.
3. During the walking process of sawing foundation, set grinding gears, racks and servo motors to ensure the consistency of sawing speed.
4. The overall design of the pressing cover ensures that the material will not slide during the sawing process.
5. Reserve straws; set up high-power dust collectors.
6. Except for the floating roller, all other contents on the working platform are made of chrome-plated steel plate to avoid material scratches.
7. The hanging feeding jaws have the function of pneumatic drive clamping.
8. The drive of the feeding mechanism adopts the structure of servo motor + rack and pinion.
9. The sawing foundation adopts hydraulic lifting; the rising height of the saw blade is determined according to the thickness of the plate.

Execution standards for design and manufacture:
a. The design and manufacture of the equipment conform to the ISO: 9001 international standard.
b. The design and manufacture of the equipment comply with CE standard certification.
c. The measurement unit of all parts of the equipment and various instruments adopts the International Unit (SI) standard; the main parts of the equipment (including mechanical, electrical and electronic equipment) have reliable safety protection to prevent inaccurate operation or accidental damage to the machine .

Model                         HL-12BNC

Sawing capability

Cutting length 3800mm
Cutting width 3800mm
Maximum cutting height 160mm
Maximum exposed height of saw blade 165mm
Main saw blade Main saw motor 15KW
Diameter of main saw Ø550mm
Diameter of main saw shaft core Ø 38mm
Speed of main saw 3900 r/min
Saw seat Travel frequency conversion motor AC 2.2KW
Forward speed  Fastest 10m/min (load)
Backward speed  Fastest 22 m/min
Automatic feeding engine AC 3KW
Utilization pressure ≥5.0 kg/cm2
Distance between working bench and floor 1130 mm
Appearance size (L×W×H) of machine tool 7100×7700×1980

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