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The difference between circular saw machine and band saw machine

The difference between a circular saw and a band saw can be analyzed from the following points:

1. Labor cost
A band saw must have an employee always beside and staring at the machine; but five circular saws only require one employee to operate and set up the machine, so the employee doesn’t need to be at the machine all the time, and the employee can do other work.

The labor cost of a band saw is at least five times higher than that of a circular saw, and the time cost is also higher than that of a metal circular saw.

2.Output products
The products cut by the metal circular saw machine have a smooth cutting surface and no roughness, and can be directly mass-produced; the products cut by the band saw machine have rough surfaces, and the cutting surface is not smooth and needs to be processed and polished. The band saw machine has subsequent material processing links, which increases labor costs and time costs, and the circular saw machine does not require additional processing.

3.Product accuracy
The band sawing machine uses a saw blade when cutting materials, so there will be a swing phenomenon, which makes it difficult to ensure the accuracy of cutting materials, and will make the cutting surface of the cut material not smooth and rough on the surface. When the circular saw machine cuts the material, the circular saw blade is used, and it is fixed, so there will be no swing phenomenon when cutting the material, the accuracy can also be guaranteed, and the surface of the cut material is very smooth and will not appear rough.

4.Space costs incurred
If you choose five band saws, you can choose one circular saw. The space cost of five band saws is much greater than that of one circular saw.

5.Electricity cost
Band sawing machine: the electricity consumption of the five band sawing machines themselves and the electricity consumption of the subsequent processing of the product.
Circular Saw: Electricity consumption of a circular saw.

6.Security hazard
Band sawing machine: 5 band sawing machines require 5 employees and the safety hazard caused by the subsequent processing employees
Circular sawing machine: The safety hazards caused by only one employee for a circular sawing machine
The safety hazard of one employee to five or more employees is obviously much smaller than the safety hazard brought by the circular saw.

7.Prices of Band Saws and Circular Saws
The price of a circular saw is greater than that of a band saw.

Combining the above factors, whether it is the cost of the machine, the cost of employee wages, and the cost of space occupation, the circular saw has an absolute advantage.

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