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Precautions for use of bench drill

The bench drill does not need to be equipped with a computer. The engraving machine can work independently under the control of the control handle to reduce the input of customers’ computers. The machine tool has powerful functions, simple operation, wide application range, high efficiency and stability, high cost performance, mechatronics design, reasonable structure, compact and beautiful. The spindle transmission system of bench drill adopts high-strength transmission system with large transmission torque, which is suitable for high-speed drilling of various material parts. The screw / guide rail of the machine tool has good wear resistance, high precision, stable operation and no crawling.

The loading and unloading of cutting tools and measuring workpieces by bench drill must be carried out during shutdown. It is not allowed to drill workpieces directly by hand or wear gloves. If abnormal noise is found during operation, stop the machine immediately for inspection and troubleshooting. The bench drill shall have operating procedures: carry out regular maintenance and repair, pay attention to record and protect the site in case of failure, etc. when the drilling machine is not in use, it shall be kept with oil seal, covered with sealing film, and trained and equipped with corresponding operators, maintenance personnel and programmers. Wipe the bench drill, bed, guide rail, screw rod and operating handle to keep the bed and surrounding clean and free of oil.

Precautions for use:

1. When drilling, the head shall not be too close to the bench drill, and an appropriate distance shall be maintained.

2. When drilling, if the chip is too long, it shall be cut in time to prevent injury.

3. When drilling, the feed pressure shall not be too strong. If the drill bit is not sharp, the workpiece is loose or the belt slips, the power shall be cut off immediately. Repair, adjustment and replacement shall be carried out after the spindle stops rotating to ensure that it returns to normal.

4. During drilling, it is forbidden to wipe the chips with cotton yarn or blow the chips with mouth, and it is not allowed to eliminate the chips directly by hand. It should be cleaned with brush or iron hook.

5. After the work is completed, the power supply must be cut off and the bench drill and its surroundings must be cleaned. After the use of the drilling machine, the power supply must be cut off and the leaked sliding surface and workbench must be wiped clean, and lubricating oil must be added to each sliding surface and each lubricating point.

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