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The advantages of G4028A horizontal band sawing machine

G4028A horizontal band sawing machine, as a very common scissor band sawing machine, is the first choice for cutting metal parts in many factories and doors.

As a member of the scissor sawing machine family, G4028A horizontal band sawing machine has very unique advantages:

1. The unique cutting feed control method of PF hydraulic valve. Due to the use of a pressure and flow hydraulic valve (PF hydraulic valve) with a unique control method, the optimal cutting conditions can be easily set.

2. Auxiliary work is reduced. Paddle jaw hydraulic cylinder. The jaw operation only needs to press a button and it is OK. Compared with the old-fashioned rack-type jaws, labor intensity and working time are greatly reduced. Also, because the machine has the function of making the material and the fixed jaws a few millimeters away from the seam when the material is being fed, it can avoid the abrasion of the material and the length and size error.

3. Convenient rod type hydraulic saw blade tensioning device. Eliminate the trouble of tensioning the old-fashioned rotary hand-tight saw blade. Through a simple lever operation, anyone can adjust the most suitable saw blade tension exactly the same.

4. The man-machine function is strong. The height of the workbench is 700mm. The height of the workbench has changed from 550mm in the past to 700mm.

5. High-efficiency saw blade guides the splint. The clamping plate of the saw blade adopts the handle type clamping plate, which avoids the troublesome operation of the knob type guide clamping plate in the past.

6. Splash guide for cutting fluid. Equipped with a splash guide for cutting fluid. This can prevent the cutting fluid from splashing, improve the working environment and save the consumption of cutting fluid.

7. Work to improve work safety, etc.

8. The capacity of the cutting fluid tank has been greatly increased so that the regular replenishment operations are reduced. Increased from the past 40L to 85L.

9. The remaining material at the end is 50 mm. Automatic feeding mechanism for effective use of materials.

10. Large digital display meter.

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