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CNC Notching And Marking Machine AK-500CG

Specifications AK-500CG
Processing roll maximum diameter 500mm
Minimum diameter 50mm
Processing roll maximum length 2500mm
Max.length of the processing roll surface 1800mm
Processing of the crescent specification ~

Φ6 Φ50

Processing the crescent β angle Any Any
Processing the crescent slot Any
Lateral moving speed (X axis) 0~6000mm/min
Work-piece rotation speed (Y axis) 0~30rpm
Swing head rotation speed (Z axis) 0~50rpm
Flying cutter milling speed (A axis) 0~600rpm
Engraving head motor model rated speed D85     24000rpm
Cooling pump motor AB25-90W
Control System Siemens Siemens808D
Servo motor rated power X axis 1.75kw
Y axis 2.5kw
Z axis 1.75kw
A axis 3.5kw
Hydraulic station 2.2KW
Minimum programming amount 0.001
Longitudinal  magnetic  scale  effective

measurement length

grating accuracy 0.005mm
Chuck form Four-jaw   chuck   and   hydraulic

tensioner shaft interchangeable

Chuck diameter 400mm
Dimensions of hydraulic tension er shaft Customized  according  to  the


Machine working power supply 380V,50HZ;15KVA
Dimensions 4500×1700×2000mm
Machine Tool Net 6.3T

Product Details

CNC Roller Crescent Machine has the advantages of high automation, high machining precision, high cutting efficiency, safe and reliable operation. The machine tool meets the milling slot, job change and lettering in one setup,and does not need secondary clamping rolls.

The machine bed is a three-parallel rail heavy-duty roll processing machine structure with a bed width of 910mm and a saddle width of 810mm, which ensures sufficient rigidity and vibration resistance of the machine tool to fit high-hardness tungsten carbide roll ring and high speed. Steel roll.

The longitudinal movement of the large pallet of the machine tool is equipped with a locking mechanism to ensure that the waste groove is not caused by the center offset when machining high hardness rolls or large cutting.

The flying cutter milling body and the oscillating milling body are installed oppositely, and the two do not interfere with each other, and the conversion of  the  slotting  and  lettering  functions  can  be  realized  without re-disassembling and assembling the components, and electrical switching is not required.

The machine bed is subjected to aging treatment or complete annealing treatment. The guide rail adopts medium frequency quenching treatment to improve the wear resistance of the surface. The transverse feed guide rail adopts rolling linear guide to reduce friction damping and improve the movement accuracy. In normal use, the linear guides are reported to be non-wearing for 10 years.

The engraving and milling shaft adopts an electric spindle (customized and supplied by our factory: rigid foot, uniform force, good heat dissipation, high configuration), directly installed without excessive connection, and can be arbitrarily engraved on rollers of different materials.

The machine tool is equipped with a manual tool setting mechanism and is equipped with a magnetic grid digital display in the longitudinal movement of the large carriage to ensure accurate displacement of the manual slot change and eliminate the phenomenon of edge-to-edge tool breaking caused by human visual inspection.

Control adopts SINUMERIK_808D_ADVANCED system, LCD display, bus type drive, can realize any three-axis linkage. All Siemens servo systems, the machine’s four control axes are independent motors and drives. The system has good dynamic quality, and the selected servo system has high execution precision, good reliability, strong anti-interference ability and fast response speed. Each motion axis can be controlled by an electronic hand wheel.

Self-developed special processing software, parameter interface programming, operators do not need numerical control foundation, and can easily master operation skills. Ensure that the processed crescent groove meets the standard of GB1499.2-2018

This machine ensures that the processed crescent reaches the standard ofGB1499.2-2018.

The equipment has good operability, maintainability and safety performance, does not pollute the environment and endangers personal health.

The spindle structure of the machine adopts hydraulic tightening shaft mechanism and is equipped with high precision Taiwan hydraulic station. The hydraulic tensioning shaft of the main shaft can control the tensioning state through the system, which greatly improves the efficiency of the clamping and calibration of the cemented carbide roller ring, and automatically locks the automatic calibration accuracy during the clamping process, without manual calibration accuracy. At the same time, it also meets the exchange of hydraulic tightening shaft and chuck. (with pictures)

Automatic programming software

Outline drawing of machine tool with hydraulic tensioning shaft mechanism

4 axis abridged general view

Finished product picture


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