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Vertical machining center VMC850

The feed axis of the machining center is controlled by X, Y and Z coordinates, and the spindle is driven by servo motor. The capacity of the tool store is 16-24, which is optional. Can realize a variety of disc, plate, shell, CAM, mold and other complex parts in a clamping, complete drilling, milling, boring, reaming, reaming, tapping and other processes processing, three axis hard rail structure, used in various industries of the complex parts of single and batch production. The processing realizes the program, shortens the production cycle, thus the user obtains the good economic benefit.

Description of functions and features

1. Overall layout of machine tools

The VMC850 vertical machining center adopts the vertical frame layout, the column is fixed on the bed body, the spindle box moves up and down along the column (Z to), the slide seat moves longitudinal along the bed (Y to), the table moves horizontally along the slide seat (X to) the structure. The bed, worktable, slide seat, column, spindle box and other large parts are all made of resin sand castings, and after two times of aging treatment to eliminate stress, good stability, high strength, to ensure the stability of the long-term use of precision of the machine tool, to provide a guarantee for the stability of machine tool performance. SoldWorks and ANSYS are adopted to optimize the design of these large parts, which improve the stiffness and stability of large parts and the whole machine, and effectively suppress the deformation and vibration of the machine caused by cutting force.

2. Drag the system

X, Y and Z axis guide pairs adopt broadened rectangular sliding guide rails, which are quenched by medium frequency and precision grinding. Sliding guide rail surface is coated with composite PTFE material and precision scraping, with automatic forced centralized lubrication, reduce the friction resistance of feed movement, reduce low speed crawling, improve the precision life of machine tools.

X, Y, Z three ball screw shaft, adopt Taiwan professional manufacturers of PMI provides C3 level double nut preloaded ballscrew, on both ends of the ball screw bearing adopts imported special bearings P4 level 60 DHS contact Angle screw, screw bearing adopts pre-stretching structure, greatly reduces the machine running for a long time in the influence of thermal deformation.

Z-axis servo motor with automatic lock function, in the case of power failure, can automatically lock the brake to hold the motor shaft tightly, so that it can not rotate, play a role of safety protection.

3. The spindle group

Adopts Taiwan famous brand high speed, high precision, high rigidity spindle unit, each important parts have been strengthened treatment; The world famous brand P4 class spindle special bearing and the use of KLUBR NBU15 grease lubrication, the whole set of spindle assembly under constant temperature conditions, after the completion of the computer balance correction and run test, make the whole set of spindle long service life, high reliability.

The spindle can realize stepless speed regulation within its speed range. The spindle is controlled by the built-in encoder of the motor, which can realize the spindle orientation and rigid tapping function.

The spindle adopts the central blowing structure, after the spindle is loose, the central high pressure gas is used to clean the inner cone of the spindle quickly to ensure the accuracy of the tool clamping.

4. The knife library

Adopt high quality 16 or 24 high speed automatic tool changing library, accurate tool changing, short time, high efficiency, after millions of running tests, meet the reliability requirements; Optional configuration of hat or disc knife storehouse, hat knife storehouse with damping structure, can reduce the impact when moving, ensure the service life of the knife storehouse.

5. Cutting cooling system

Equipped with large flow cooling pump and large capacity water tank, fully ensure circulating cooling, cooling pump power: 450W, cooling pump flow 2.5m3/h

The end face of the headstock is equipped with cooling nozzles, which can be either water cooled or air cooled, and can be switched freely. The cooling process can be controlled by M code or control panel.

Equipped with clean air gun, used to clean the machine.

6. Pneumatic system

Pneumatic triplet can filter the impurities and moisture in the air source to prevent the damage and corrosion of the machine tool parts from the impure gas. The solenoid valve group is controlled by PLC program to ensure the action of spindle loosening tool, spindle center blowing, spindle clamping tool, spindle air cooling and so on can be completed quickly and accurately.

7. Machine tool protection

The machine tool adopts the protection room in accordance with the safety standard, which not only prevents the splash of coolant, but also ensures the safe operation and pleasant appearance. Each guide rail of the machine tool is equipped with a protective cover to prevent chip and coolant from entering the machine tool, so that the guide rail and ball screw are protected from wear and corrosion.

8. Lubrication system

The guide rail, ball screw pair and support bearing are all lubricated by central centralized automatic thin oil. Each node is equipped with quantitative oil distributor. The oil is injected to each lubrication part regularly and quantitatively to ensure the uniform lubrication of each sliding surface, effectively reducing the friction resistance, improving the motion accuracy and ensuring the service life of ball screw pair and guide rail.

9. Dust removal system

The Y-axis split protective structure makes the iron scraps produced in the processing process fall directly into the bed body. The large bevel structure inside the bed body makes the iron scraps slide smoothly into the drawer type chip box in the water tank, and then regularly extract the chip box full of iron scraps for manual cleaning. It is simple, practical and economical.

(1) Power supply: 380V±10% 50Hz ±1% three-phase AC

(2) Operating temperature: 5℃-40℃

(3) The best ambient temperature: 15℃-25℃

(4) Relative humidity: 40-75%

(5) Air source pressure: 0.5-0.7Mpa

(6) Air source flow: 350L/min

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