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Rotation Angle Band Sawing Machines

Different Structures of Rotation Angle Band Sawing Machines

The rotating angle band sawing machine can be divided into horizontal structure and vertical structure according to the structure. The sawing principle of the vertical angle band sawing machine is: the saw frame is set vertically, the work piece moves during cutting, and it is used to cut the curved outline of the sheet and the formed part. The saw belt can also be replaced with a file chain or abrasive belt for repairing or grinding;

The sawing principle of the horizontal angle band sawing machine is: the saw frame is arranged horizontally or obliquely, feeding in the vertical direction or in the direction of swinging around a fulcrum, and the saw belt is generally twisted by 40° to keep the saw tooth perpendicular to the work piece.

The rotation angle band sawing machine of the above two structures is to tighten the circular saw blade on the two saw wheels, and the saw wheels drive the saw belt to cut the metal. However, it should be noted that the two different structures of the band sawing machine are suitable for sawing work pieces with different requirements, so the effect of sawing is also very different. Choose a sawing machine with a suitable structure for the cutting situation.

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