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CO2 Laser Machine 460*60W

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Shanghai ANTISHI 460 C02 laser machine can be applied to laser engraving/cutting of non-metallic materials in various industries, such as glass products, cloth and leather, bamboo and wood products, craft gifts, ceramic engraving, and plexiglass.


Integrated Control Panel

Integrated control, RUIDA control system, emergency stop switch, LCD display, digital adjustment, bilingual in Chinese and English.

Industrial grade laser head

Air-blown flame retardant, high stability, easy adjustment, auto focus function can be added.

Adjustable platform lift

Spiral transmission structure, adjustable lifting platform, high-precision screw drive, long service life, fine-tuning lifting platform, accurate and sensitive operation.

Imported linear guide

High positioning accuracy, slider operation, low noise, fast speed and long service life.

Specifications 460
aser power 60W
laser type CO2 Sealed Glass Tube Laser
Max. Engraving Surface 400*600mm
Largest engraving format 300*500mm
Speed          of work 0-60000mm/min
positioning accuracy ≤0.01mm
data transfer interface USB/network cable/offline independent work
power supply AC220± 10% 50HZ/AC110± 10% 60HZ
Operating temperature 0-45C
working platform Honeycomb panel/aluminum blade (lifting optional)
Engraving thickness 0-20mm (depending on the material and specific requirements)
control configuration Ruida System
cooling method Water cooling and protection system
water protection ave
Graphics formats supported All CDR/AUTOCAD recognized file formats
Overall size 1160*780*680mm
Package Size 1220*800*830mm
Weight 230/280 KG


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