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Working principle of band sawing machine Hydraulic mechanism


Band saws are used for wood processing and metal work, as well as a variety of other materials. Its name comes from its blades including metal bands and teeth.
This metal belt is arranged vertically between the two large wheels. Band saws are used to cut irregular shapes.
The radius of the saw curve is determined by the thickness of the blade.
Modern large band saws comprehensively apply advanced technologies such as machinery, air pressure, hydraulics, electricity, etc., so that workers can centrally operate in the control room; equipped with an electronic computer program control system, and mechanized log loading, turning, and timber unloading devices, so The large band saw realizes highly automated and mechanized sawing operations. Large band saws are used to process logs into specifications.
Band saws can be divided into: automatic band saws, semi-automatic band saws, large steel band saws, gantry band saws, special band saws, and band saw blades.

The band saw hydraulic station, also known as the hydraulic station, is an independent hydraulic equipment.
The hydraulic station is a combination of pump equipment, integrated block or valve combination, oil tank, and electrical box. The functions of each component are:
Pump equipment-equipped with a motor and an oil pump, it is the power source of the hydraulic station, which converts the mechanical energy into the pressure energy of the hydraulic oil.
Manifold-assembled by hydraulic valve and channel body. Implement direction, pressure and flow scheduling of hydraulic oil.
Valve combination-The plate valve is installed on the vertical plate, and the pipe behind the plate is connected, which has the same function as the integrated block.
Oil tank-a plate-welded semi-closed container with an oil filter, air filter, etc., used for oil storage, oil cooling and filtration.
Electrical box-divided into two types. One is equipped with a terminal board with external leads; the other is equipped with a full set of control appliances.
The working principle of the hydraulic station: the motor drives the oil pump to roll, the pump sucks oil from the oil tank and converts the mechanical energy into the pressure energy of the hydraulic station. The hydraulic oil passes through the integrated block (or valve combination) to complete the direction, pressure, and flow dispatching after the external Connect the pipeline to the oil cylinder or oil motor of the hydraulic machinery, and then control the change of the direction of the hydraulic idea, the size of the force and the speed of the speed, and promote the work of various hydraulic machinery.

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