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Corner Band Saw Clamping Device

When the corner band sawing machine is sawing the workpiece, the sawing angle of the sawing machine is generally adjusted arbitrarily within the range of 0~45 degrees to meet the sawing requirements of the purchasing company. The corner band sawing machine has the characteristics of convenient use, high precision, and stable sawing. It is mainly suitable for sawing of large-scale building steel components.
The positioning of the sawing angle of the corner band sawing machine includes the sawing machine seat, the sawing machine with the main column and the auxiliary column on the upper part of the sawing machine seat, and it is characterized in that the working surface of the band sawing machine is provided with a fixed jaw, an angle jaw with an angle screw , With the clamping jaws for clamping the screw rod, there is generally a sawing machine change arrangement between the band sawing machine and the sawing machine seat. The horizontal band sawing machine used to process some small objects is an auxiliary clamping device, including the fixture body, and the pressure rod, support rod, spring ejector rod, scheduling screw and movable positioning rod on the sawing machine.

The fixture body of the horizontal band sawing machine includes a first support part, a second support part, and a coupling part connecting the two support parts; the pressing part and the adjustment part of the pressing rod extend from both sides of the base pivot part to the same direction, The pressing part is located above the second support part. The upper working surface of the upper end is located on one side of the machining groove on the working surface of the sawing machine, and the scheduling part is automatic. Pass through the third through hole on the connecting part from top to bottom; the nut of the support rod is threadedly fixed in the fourth through hole of the connecting part, and one end of the support rod is reversely threaded in the nut, and the other end is threaded with the pressure rod. The pivot part of the base is pivotally connected; the spring ejector rod passes through the first through hole of the first-support part and abuts against one side of the dispatch part; the dispatch screw rod passes through the second through hole of the second support part and the other side of the pressure rod dispatch part. offset on one side.

The above is the introduction about the function of the auxiliary clamping device of the corner band sawing machine. If you want to know more about the band sawing machine, please call Shanghai ANTISHI Co., Ltd. The company’s professional after-sales service will answer your doubts, recommend suitable band sawing machines according to the buyer’s sawing requirements, and can also tailor-made band sawing machines if necessary. The company has been established for nearly 20 years, specializing in the production and development of band sawing machines. Welcome to consult and purchase.

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