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Safety operation rules of NC drilling machine

The main contents of the safety operation procedures for CNC drilling machines include:

(1) Operators of CNC drilling machines shall comply with relevant regulations and requirements and shall not operate in violation of regulations.

(2) Operators shall wear labor protection articles before work, and shall not wear gloves during work.

(3) When the equipment is not used for a long time, it shall be idled from low speed to high speed for 4 to 6 minutes to check whether all parts are normal. If there is no problem, then you can start working.

(4) Before using the equipment, check whether the handle, switch and knob are in the normal position, whether the operation is flexible, and whether the safety device is complete and reliable.

(5) It is forbidden to put any articles on the machine tool guide rail, and the workpiece can not be trimmed on it.

(6) When the equipment is running, the operator shall not leave without authorization. After the equipment is used, its power supply shall be cut off in time.

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