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The main reason for the overheating of the sawing machine motor

In the normal use of the sawing machine, if the motor is found to be overheated, sufficient attention must be paid; when the motor temperature is too high, it is unlucky for the insulation. When the temperature exceeds the insulation temperature resistance height, the insulation will accelerate aging and reduce the service life. The main reasons for the overheating of the sawing machine motor are as follows:

1. When the voltage exceeds or falls below the allowable value of the additional voltage of the sawing machine motor, it will simply heat up under the additional load, the temperature will rise, and the three-phase voltage will be unbalanced, which will also cause the motor to generate additional heat. The solution to this situation is Adjust the voltage.

2. Initiating too frequently will also cause the motor to heat up, so the initiation frequency should be reduced.

3. If the ambient temperature is too high, the ventilation and cooling conditions should be improved or a motor with a higher heat resistance rating should be replaced.

4. The bearing is damaged or worn too much, and whether the stator and rotor are defective. The motor air duct is blocked. Too much dust and oil pollution inside and outside the motor, motor fan problems, etc.

5. Short circuit or grounding between turns or phases of the stator windings will increase the current, increase the regulation loss and overheat. If the shortcomings are not severe, just add insulation from the beginning, and replace the windings in severe cases. If one of the stator phase windings is open or one of the parallel windings is broken, the three currents are unbalanced and the windings are overheated. The three currents should be checked, and the power supply should be blocked immediately to find the disconnection point and reconnect it from the beginning.

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