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Vertical Universal Arm Type Turret Milling Machine

Turret Milling Machine X6323A,X6323B Feature
·Heavy, solid model made of high-grade casting
·All axes with adjustable dovetail slideways
·Mill head can rotated and tilted
·Adjustable gibes on table
·Accurate position, good rigidity, big cutting power
·Automatic spindle sleeve feed

Specifications X6323A X6323B
Table size 230x1067mm(9″x42″)  230x1246mm(9″x49″)
Table travel Longitudinal 670/850mm 610/790mm
Cross 310mm 310mm
Vertical 390mm 390mm
T-slot No. and size 3×16 3×16
Ram travel 315mm 315mm
Distance from spindle nose to table surface 0-350mm 0-350mm
Spindle taper Standard R8(ISO30/ISO40 optional)
Spindle travel 127mm 127mm
Spindle speed 50HZ (16 steps) 65-4500rpm
60HZ (16 steps) 80-5440rpm
Optional Variable 60-4200rpm
Auto quill feed 0.04/0.08/0.15mm/rev(0.0015″/0.003″/0.006″/rev)
Spindle motor 2.25KW(3HP) 2.25KW(3HP)
Head swivel right to left 90° 90°
Head tilting front to back 45° 45°
Net weight 1000kg 1060kg


Standard Accessories Optional Accessories
Draw bar X/Y/Z axis power feed
Tool box and tools Air drawbar system
Working lamp Clamping kit
Electric box Mill chuck set
Handle oil pump Coolant system
Chip tray
Hang up panel
Automatic lubrication oil pump
3 axes with ball screws
Spindle protection with power off
Worktable protection with power off


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