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Daily maintenance of small CNC machine tools

Maintenance of CNC system

1. Strictly abide by the operating procedures and daily maintenance system
2. Prevent dust from entering the numerical control device: floating dust and metal powder are easy to cause the insulation resistance between components to drop, resulting in failure or even damage to components.
3. Regularly clean the heat dissipation and ventilation system of the data control cabinet
4. Frequently monitor the grid voltage of the CNC system: the grid voltage range is 85% ~ 110% of the rated value.
5. Replace the storage battery regularly
6. Maintenance of NC system when it is not used for a long time: often power on the NC system or make the NC machine tool run warm program.
7. Maintenance of spare circuit board and mechanical parts

Maintenance of mechanical parts

1. Maintenance of tool magazine and tool changing manipulator

1) When manually loading the tool into the tool magazine, ensure that it is installed in place, and check whether the locking on the tool base is reliable;
2) It is strictly prohibited to load overweight and super long tools into the tool magazine to prevent the manipulator from dropping the tool or colliding with the workpiece and fixture when changing the tool;
3) If the sequential tool selection method is adopted, pay attention to whether the sequence of tools placed on the tool magazine is correct. For other tool selection methods, pay attention to whether the tool number changed is consistent with the required tool to prevent accidents caused by changing the wrong tool;
4) Pay attention to keep the tool handle and tool sleeve clean;
5) Frequently check whether the zero return position of the tool magazine is correct, check whether the tool change point position of the machine tool spindle is in place, and adjust it in time, otherwise the tool change action cannot be completed;
6) When starting up, the tool magazine and manipulator shall be operated empty first to check whether all parts work normally, especially whether all travel switches and solenoid valves operate normally.

2. Maintenance of ball screw pair

1) Regularly check and adjust the axial clearance of lead screw nut pair to ensure the reverse transmission accuracy and axial stiffness;

2) Regularly check whether the connection between the lead screw support and the bed is loose and whether the support bearing is damaged. In case of the above problems, fasten the loose parts in time and replace the support bearing;
3) For ball screw with lubricating grease, clean the old grease on the screw every six months and replace it with new grease. The ball screw lubricated with lubricating oil shall be lubricated once a day before the machine tool works;
4) Pay attention to prevent hard dust or chips from entering the lead screw protective cover and hitting the protective cover during operation. Replace the protective device in time if it is damaged.

3. Maintenance of main drive chain

1) Regularly adjust the tightness of the spindle drive belt;
2) Prevent various impurities from entering the oil tank. Replace the lubricating oil once a year;
3) Keep the connecting part between the spindle and the tool handle clean. The displacement of hydraulic cylinder and piston shall be adjusted in time;
4) Adjust the counterweight in time.

4. Hydraulic system maintenance

1) Filter or replace the oil regularly;
2) Control the temperature of the oil in the hydraulic system;
3) Prevent hydraulic system leakage;
4) Regularly check and clean the oil tank and pipeline;
5) Implement daily point inspection system.

5. Pneumatic system maintenance

1) Remove impurities and moisture from compressed air;
2) Check the oil supply quantity of the oil atomizer in the system;
3) Maintain the tightness of the system;
4) Pay attention to adjusting the working pressure;
5) Clean or replace pneumatic components and filter elements;

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