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G4028A horizontal band sawing machine

When purchasing the G4028A horizontal band sawing machine, pay attention to the following ten points:

1.Verify the cutting range of the G4028A horizontal band sawing machine, and pay attention to the parameter configuration provided by the factory.

2.Whether the main motor is a copper core motor, the copper core motor can make the service life of the band saw machine longer and work more stable.

3.Seamless wall hanging, as a secondary reference factor, seamless wall hanging is more stable.

4.Hydraulic cylinders, conductive hydraulic cylinders can ensure faster response and longer life.

5.Turbine configuration, high-torque turbine can make the sawing machine work more smoothly and lower noise.

6.Whether the band sawing machine manufacturer is regular.

7.The whole machine warranty period and warranty period.

8.Pay attention to whether the manufacturer of the spare parts table is regular.

9.Whether there is on-site maintenance service.

10. Whether it is delivered to the door for installation.

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