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High Speed Circular Saw Machine—Super Hard Circular Saw Blade

Super-hard circular saw blade is a general term for circular saw blades with super-hard alloy teeth. It is usually made by brazing super-hard blades. Because it was called super-hard circular saw blade at the beginning, this name was widely used and became It is a common language. It is composed of a blade with individual cutting properties glued to the tooth end of the saw blade, hence the name.

The ultra-hard circular saw blade was developed to cut a series of artificially processed materials such as wood, plywood, laminated wood, or laminated materials, but later also cut plastics, hardened asbestos, light alloys or new building materials of synthetic materials, etc. and sawn timber processing without specific functions.

There are many types of materials to be cut, and it is estimated that the scope of use will be expanded in the future. The benchmarks for evaluating the performance of superhard circular saw blades are cutting surface, cutting feel, and improvement of life. The main factors that affect it are as follows.

1. Cut Surface

Peripheral beat: Grinding accuracy

Side jump: Stressing, shaping, side grinding accuracy

Tooth type, number of teeth: Choose according to the conditions of use

2. Cut

Tooth type, number of teeth, thickness : Select according to usage conditions

Grinding status: Grinding accuracy

3. Safety

Breakage of cutter body, cutter head falling off: heat treatment, cutter head brazing strength

4. Workability

Noise, Vibration: Stressing, Shaping, Tooth Profile

5. Material and quality characteristics

The super-hard circular saw blade is composed of the super-hard blade of the tooth part (hereinafter referred to as the blade) and the saw blade body (hereinafter referred to as the Taijin). Due to the material requirements of the blade, it has the performance of resistance to intermittent and high-speed cutting.

6. Stressing, shaping

Stressing: Taking into account the centrifugal force generated by rotation, the cutting heat generated during cutting, and the peripheral expansion caused by frictional heat, Taijin is stretched.

It is very important for Taijin to become thinner. In order to make a straight cut and a beautiful cutting surface, stress processing can not only prevent vibration caused by centrifugal force, but also remove the bending of Taijin, which affects the quality of superhard circular saw blades. important conditions.

7. Brazing

The super-hard circular saw blade is made by soldering the super-hard blade with silver flux on the Taijin, but in order to make the silver flux flow well during brazing, a flux is used.

Brazing is performed at a temperature of 700 to 750 °C. The welding methods of superhard circular saw blades include electrical resistance heating type and high-frequency induction heating type. There should be no harmful gaps and air bubbles in the welding part. Recently, in order to improve the welding strength, the The bonding surface of the blade is changed to a concave shape to increase the bonding area.

8. Grind

The superhard circular saw blade is ground by manual or automatic grinding machine, and the diamond cutting wheel is used for grinding according to the specified size and tooth shape. During production, two processes of rough grinding and finishing grinding are required. The code number of the diamond cutting wheel used They are: #120~200 for rough grinding and #400~600 for finishing grinding. As for re-grinding, as long as finishing grinding is enough, use a #400-600 cut-off wheel. Also, for wet grinding, water-soluble grinding fluid is usually used.

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