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Reasons why saw blade break and wear out easily and the maintenance method

Reasons why saw blade break and wear out easily
First of all, we can analyze the saw blade itself, so that the quality of the saw blade and the saw blade’s use of pressure are the two factors to consider. For the quality of the saw blade, this is very simple; the price of the saw machine determines the quality of the saw machine, and the saw blade is also the same. If you change the other saw blade or fix this problem, then the quality of the saw blade is no problem. Just consider the way to use. The general fault is:

1.The guide block wear is caused by the back of the saw, so that the back of the band sawing machine band cracks lead to belt breakage. Or the upper guide block clearance is not appropriate, the back of the saw against the pressure is too heavy, so that the band sawing machine band teeth root tension is too large, more than the bearing capacity to produce cracks, leading to a broken band. In addition to the transmission belt slipping so that the saw band cannot run at a uniform speed, prone to instantaneous overloading will also lead to a broken saw band.

2.Clamping band sawmill blocks are worn out by being too tight or too loose, causing scratches on the side of the band. Over-tightening increases the load on the band and causes it to break; over-loosening can cause the band to deviate or have ripples in the saw kerf leading to band breakage.
3.Saw speed and descending speed is not properly coordinated, saw speed is low and descending speed is fast, the band sawing machine band load is too large and break the band. Sawing speed and descending speed is slow, low efficiency, the tip of the teeth are prone to early wear, affecting the service life.

4.Cutting fluid is too little or too thin, the friction resistance increases, the cutting heat can not be dissipated in time, resulting in the softening of the tooth tip, increasing the load on the saw belt, easy to produce broken belt and teeth. Cutting fluid concentration should be checked at any time and replenished in a timely manner.

In addition, the saw blade on the sawmill may encounter the problem that the tip of the saw blade teeth wear too fast when in use, for the saw teeth wear too fast can be analyzed by these factors below:
1. The tip of the teeth of the sawmill is not properly ground.
2. Sawmill coolant concentration is not enough or the amount is too small.
3. Check or replace the sawmill wire ball.
4. Adjust the cutting feed or band saw speed.
5. Select the appropriate sawmill blade tooth type.

The maintenance method for band saw blade
A daily maintenance operation before sawing:
1, check the hydraulic oil and coolant level height, insufficient should be added to the required height.
2, check the band saw blade to ensure that it has been properly up tightened on the active and passive wheels, and clamped in the left and right guide hand.
3, check the wire brush and band saw blade contact is appropriate, such as wire wheel wear should be replaced in a timely manner.
4, the lubrication points, sliding mating surfaces should be oil lubrication.
Second, weekly maintenance:
1, band saw blade device, saw frame articulated shaft, active and passive bearings, main drive worm gear bearings, etc. at the oiling point filled with grease lubrication.
2, clear the cooling box accumulated debris and dirt on the screen.
Third, every six months maintenance:
Check the bearings on the band saw blade guide hand, such as serious wear must be replaced.

The main reason to ensure the service life of band saw blades:
1. Selection of high-quality band saws, correct operation and adjustment of the machine tool is the most important factor to ensure the service life of band saw blades. Good machine rigidity and work ability can prevent vibration and various stresses to the band saw blade produced by the great impact.

2. Correctly select the band saw blade you will use. No single band saw blade is suitable for all sawing requirements, but a variety of different forms and characteristics of the saw blade has its own different utility, this choice includes the appropriate saw blade width, tooth shape and tooth spacing.

3. the correct use of sawing parameters, which include, among other things, the speed of band movement, feed pressure, feed force, and band tension. Ideally, when sawing material, the chips should be tightly rolled, silver-colored, and have a warm feel. If there are sintered, brownish-blue, fat, or powdery chips, the parameters need to be adjusted.

4. The correct use of cutting fluid and its mixtures can lubricate and cool the band saw blade, as can timely cleaning off the attachment on the teeth.

5. correctly “run together a new band saw blade. “Run together” is through the natural wear and tear of the teeth, removing the tooth edge burrs, so that the band saw blade gradually enters the normal sawing state to avoid prematurely caused by the saw teeth of the chipping and curling edge, especially when the cut cross-section changes in the profile, tubing, and profiled materials are particularly important. Run together”, the machine parameters should be adjusted to a normal sawing efficiency of about 50% of the sawing area, which is generally 200–600 square centimeters. No abnormal conditions should occur, so gradually adjust the parameters of the machine tool into the normal sawing state.

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