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How to realize the control and dressing of the grinding wheel on the CNC grinder?


1. Which types of CNC grinders are more common and commonly used?
CNC grinders are a large category of grinding machines. Generally speaking, CNC grinders can be divided into CNC internal cylindrical grinders, CNC external cylindrical grinders, CNC surface grinders, CNC centerless grinders, and CNC universal grinders
These five kinds. Among them, the two more commonly used are CNC internal cylindrical grinders and CNC external cylindrical grinders.

2. In the CNC grinder, what are the key components to achieve control?
In the CNC grinder, if you want to realize the control function, the key component is the program control system, or PLC. And the grinding machine with numerical control system can automatically grind the surface of the workpiece,
So as to obtain a good processing effect.

3. What are the differences between ordinary grinders and CNC grinders? In addition, is there a special grinding wheel dressing device in the CNC grinding machine?
Ordinary grinder and CNC grinder, the difference between the two grinders is: Ordinary grinder is driven by a single-axis motor, while CNC grinder is driven by a multi-axis servo motor. In addition, in the CNC grinder, this kind of grinder
Above, there is a special device for dressing the grinding wheel.

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