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Precautions for the operation of surface grinders

Seven points for attention in the operation of surface grinder

1. Wear labor protection products according to regulations.

2. The hydraulic system of the machine tool must be properly protected and lubricated, and the electric machine must not be operated with diseases.

3. Check at any time whether the disk suction is useful, whether the workpiece is sucked firmly, and avoid flying objects from hurting people.

4. When using vertical and horizontal active feed, the stroke should be adjusted and tightened first.

5. When grinding, make the grinding wheel gradually touch the workpiece, and install the baffle and protective cover when using the coolant.

6. If the machine tool is found to be abnormal, stop it immediately and ask the repairer to check and deal with it.

7. After parking, move the handle to the empty place, cut off the power supply, scrub the machine tool, and clean up the environment.

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