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Introduction of Part of CH-800 CNC Gantry Band Sawing Machine

CH-800 CNC gantry band sawing machine is independently developed and produced by SHANGHAI ANTISHI – a larger specification equipment suitable for batch sawing. The independent technology research and development department and the exquisite manufacturing technique ensure the quality of the products produced. Therefore, the metal band sawing machine produced by the company has a reasonable and stable body structure, good sawing effect, and is well received by the sawing industry.

CH-800 CNC gantry band sawing machine consists of: base, main drive system, clamping device, saw frame guide device, left and right columns, saw blade tensioning device and broken belt protection, cooling system, hydraulic system, electrical system, feeding device, no Material detection device, bundle clamping device. This band sawing machine has the characteristics of mass production, so what improvements has the Jinfeng Saw Industry Technology R&D Department made to achieve? Let’s learn about the components and characteristics of the CH-800 CNC gantry band sawing machine band sawing machine.

Base: The base of CH-800 CNC gantry band sawing machine is welded with high-quality steel plates, etc. After vibration aging treatment, the welding deformation is small.

Main drive: The main drive system of CH-800 CNC gantry band sawing machine is composed of reducer, driving wheel, main motor and so on. The main motor and the reducer, the reducer and the driving wheel are directly connected, the transmission is stable, and there is no impact; the speed of the driving wheel is adjusted by the frequency converter, which can achieve a variety of rotation speeds to meet the sawing of different materials.

Clamping device: The front and rear of the saw belt of the CH-800 CNC gantry band sawing machine are designed with a set of hydraulic vices. When clamping, operate the button on the touch screen, and drive the jaw plate to clamp the I piece through the hydraulic cylinder. At the same time, two sets of pressing mechanisms are also installed to facilitate the clamping of the whole bundle for sawing.

Saw frame: CH-800 CNC gantry band sawing machine saw frame is a bow-shaped structure, divided into left and right saw frame boxes; beams and saw frame plates are made of high-quality steel plates, which are welded by reasonable reinforcing ribs. After vibration aging, the welding stress will be reduced. Redistribution and elimination, thus ensuring the stability of the saw frame.

Guide device: The guide of CH-800 CNC gantry band sawing machine is divided into movable guide arm and fixed guide arm, and the movement of movable guide arm adopts manual movement. Left and right column device: CH-800 CNC gantry band sawing machine In order to increase the stability of the machine tool, the column of this machine tool adopts a dragon-type structure, which is guided by linear guide rails. Link to avoid over-positioning affecting the stability of saw frame lifting.

Saw blade tensioning device and belt break protection: The tensioner wheel of CH-800 CNC gantry band sawing machine is installed on the left end of the saw frame. After the band saw blade is loaded into the driving wheel and tensioner wheel, the saw band is tensioned or loosened by manual valve control , the tightening force can be set according to the hydraulic system.

Cooling system and automatic chip sweeping device: In order to prolong the service life of the saw blade, prevent the saw blade from heating, and ensure the sawing accuracy, the machine tool adopts a cooling pump for centralized cooling, and the cooling point is divided into the left and right guide arm positions. The coolant is circulated, and the coolant is saponified liquid. The automatic chip sweeping device adopts the way that the wire barbed wheel rotates with the saw blade, which can effectively clean the iron chips stuck on the saw blade, and will not damage the tooth tip and affect the life of the saw blade.

Hydraulic system: The hydraulic system of CH-800 CNC gantry band sawing machine is composed of independent hydraulic station, mainly composed of oil tank, hydraulic motor, oil pump speed control valve, solenoid valve and so on.

Electrical control system: CH-800 CNC gantry band sawing machine design – separate electrical control cabinet, all electrical components are installed in the electrical cabinet, in order to ensure safety, there is an interlock between each action.

Feeding device: CH-800 CNC gantry band sawing machine adopts servo control feeding. The vise on the feeding side is clamped to feed forward, and the maximum single feeding stroke is 1000mm. The roller table is a free roller table, the feeding mechanism is driven by a servo motor ball screw and moves on a linear guide rail, and the feeding length is detected by servo. Feeding can be repeated many times.

No material detection device: CH-800 CNC gantry band sawing machine is installed with a light curtain switch behind the fixed vise of the feeding vise seat. When the material is sawed to the last section, the light curtain switch cannot detect the material, indicating that it needs to be re-cut. Loading, at this time the machine tool stops working, and the touch screen prompts that there is no material.

Bundle clamping device: CH-800 CNC gantry band sawing machine is equipped with upper pressure cylinders on the front and rear sides of the saw blade and above the feeding vise to facilitate the bundle sawing of profiles. The action is the same as the horizontal clamping action of the opposite vise Consistent, achieves bundle sawing of profiles.

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