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Main functions of radial drilling machine

Radial drilling machine is a branch of drilling machine, which is named after the cross arm can rotate around the column. Take model Z3050 ×16 as an example, the capital letter Z is the abbreviation of drilling machine, 30 is the rocker arm, and the back 50 is the drilling diameter, × 16 is the arm length.

Main functions of radial drilling machine
(1) The rocker arm drill is suitable for drilling, reaming, reaming, spot facing and tapping on medium and large metal parts. The main functional actions of the hydraulic rocker arm drill, such as handles, buttons and other operating parts, are concentrated on the spindle box.

(2) The outer column drives the rocker arm to rotate around the inner column ± 180 º;

(3) The rocker arm rises and falls along the outer column;

(4) The spindle box moves left and right along the rocker guide rail;

(5) Spindle box: realize the rotation, feeding and operation of the spindle at all levels. The spindle speed range is 25-2000r / min, with a total of 16 levels. It can be realized by rotating the centralized operation handwheel (spindle speed pre selection button); There are 16 stages in the spindle feed range of 0.04-3.2mm/r, which can be realized by rotating the centralized operation handwheel (spindle feed preselection button).

(6) Rocker arm lifting and clamping: rocker arm lifting is driven by the motor at the top of the column and driven by the lead screw nut to realize rocker arm lifting. A safety nut is installed on the lifting nut to ensure that the rocker arm cannot fall suddenly; The rocker arm clamping is realized by the diamond block driven by hydraulic pressure. After clamping, the diamond block is self-locking; After the lifting or lowering of the rocker arm is tightened, the rocker arm is clamped automatically and controlled by the electrical switch installed on the oil cylinder.

(7) Headstock and column clamping: headstock and column clamping are hydraulically driven and clamped by diamond blocks. The two actions can be carried out simultaneously or separately. The selection button is the knob on the headstock panel (the selection knob for the tightening state of the headstock column). The middle position is clamping, the left is the column unclamping alone, and the right is the headstock unclamping alone. The action realization buttons are the headstock column unclamping button and the headstock column clamping button.

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