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Main uses of radial drilling machine

Radial drilling machine is a kind of metal cutting machine tool, which is suitable for the processing of small and medium-sized parts. It is a general-purpose milling machine. By installing different cutting tools, it can not only complete the drilling and reaming of workpieces possessed by the drilling machine, but also complete the processing of plane and inclined plane of various workpieces. This kind of equipment is widely used. The main purpose of radial drilling machine should be reflected in machining and mechanical manufacturing.

The radial drilling machine is suitable for drilling, reaming, reaming, spot facing and tapping threads on medium and large metal parts. The main function of the hydraulic radial drilling machine is that the handle, button and other operating parts after the completion of the action meet on the spindle box. There are many moving parts of the radial drilling machine. In order to simplify the transmission device, multiple motors are used for driving. For example, Z3040 radial drilling machine is driven by four motors, which are spindle motor, rocker lifting motor, hydraulic pump motor and cooling pump motor. These motors all adopt direct starting mode. In order to meet the requirements of various forms of processing, the rotation and feed movement of the equipment spindle have a large speed regulation range, which is usually realized by the mechanical speed change mechanism. The spindle speed change mechanism and feed speed change mechanism are installed in the spindle box. Both the main motion and the feed motion are the motion of the spindle. Therefore, these two motions are driven by a spindle motor, which respectively realizes the rotation and feed of the spindle through the spindle transmission mechanism and the feed transmission mechanism. The clamping and loosening of internal and external spindles and the clamping and loosening of spindles and rocker arms can be realized by mechanical operation, electrical mechanical devices, electrical hydraulic or electrical hydraulic mechanical control methods. If the hydraulic device is used, the hydraulic pump motor shall be equipped to drive the hydraulic pump to provide pressure oil. The hydraulic pump motor shall be able to rotate forward and reverse, and inching control shall be adopted as required.

The main purpose of radial drilling machine is a wide range of processing. It can be used to drill various screw holes, threaded bottom holes and oil holes of large workpieces. The main variants of radial drilling machine include sliding seat type and universal type. The sliding seat type radial drilling machine is made by changing the base of the basic radial drilling machine into a sliding seat. The sliding seat can move along the guide rail of the bed to expand the processing range. It is suitable for boiler, bridge, rolling stock, shipbuilding, machining, etc. The rocker arm of universal rocker drilling machine can not only make vertical and rotary movement, but also make horizontal movement. The spindle box can make tilt adjustment on the rocker arm to adapt to the processing of various parts of the workpiece.

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